– When Scammers Shill Their Own Coin

Investors have lost millions of dollars to ICOs since 2017. ICO scams are not easing up soon according to feelers received by Cryptoinfowatch. In this review, we would look at how Bittrain, a phantom ICO is slowly building up its scam.

I’m sure you have not heard of Bittrain Coin, however that is the token behind which the team behind the project is promoting as the next best thing after bitcoin.

Two Investment Options

According to the site, investors have two options: these are investing in trading or the Bittrain Coin. In an industry where every coin is defined in mathematical terms, the team did not disappoint.

The site stated that Bittrain coin was born out of the success of Bitcoin which may be an indirect allusion to the BTC code or a supposition that their intention is to create a coin as successful as Bitcoin.

Whatever impression they wanted to create, what is obvious is that the people behind the scheme are peripherally trying to use it as a medium to get investors to send bitcoins.

A Phantom ICO

The Bittrain site claims that it had a 100% successful ICO or a direct allusion that it reached its funding target. However, there is no evidence that the company held an ICO.

None of the ICO rating platforms listed such token sale on their sites. There is no announcement thread anywhere suggesting that there was sale of the Bittrain token despite the claim.

An Anonymous Team Genuine crypto projects are known to list their team members. The social profiles of such members are also posted with relevant links to show investors that they’re dealing with real people.

This is contrary to what the Bittrain team did by using avatars for images of the team.

The CEO according to site is one Allen Coko who has no LinkedIn profile. However, a Facebook page attached to the project gave the name of the Executive leader as Jonathan Tacad.

Elsewhere on the page, the CEO was mentioned as John Kin who was designated co-founder on the website. The confusion is a clear indication that the team is yet to get their acts together in this scam.

The other members of the team are Max Cerchiari a Nigerian, Joao Victor Silva a Brazilian, Franscisco Barros, a Swede and Basit Ali Khan, a Pakistani.

A background check of the IDs showed that none is authentic. At least there is none with an authentic social profile. They’re all random names.

Weird Team Make-up

An observation of the team composition gives the impression that the project is a supply chain management or a distributorship. Aside the CEO and the co-founder, all the other members of the team were designated Master Distributors.

The absence of a technical team of developers is an indication that the project had no coin but is just a front to get money from uninformed investors.

A search for the Bittrain coin at the code repository GitHub yielded nothing reinforcing the fact that there was no such coin developed or in development.

Trading Investment Packages

The project claims that it creates short-term and long-term profit for its investors. Even though it stated that it is a trading platform, the trading is done by the team for any investor that deposit from $100 upwards.

The highest investment amount is $250,000. Each of the plans has a minimum duration of 2 years and interest of 8 percent weekly.

Coin Price Prediction

Bittrain.orgThe team predicted the value of the Bittrain token. According its chart, the value of the coin would quintuple by May 2019. The analysis posited that by September an investor would gain ten times their original investment in the Bittrain coin.

This is clearly fallacious considering the bearish coin market. This is assuming that such a coin exists somewhere. The outlandish prediction stated that the crypto would be valued $50,000 by 2010.

This is ridiculous because not even Bitcoin the most valuable cryptocurrency was projected to rise in value to that extent considering present market conditions.

The least investment package for the coin is $100 while the maximum is $250,000.


The internet is huge. People use it for all sorts of things so scammers are aware that there are many people that have their wallets in hand ready to make investments.

Unfortunately many of these investors do not conduct research to know the antecedence of the people behind the investments. This is why scams thrive.

Even genuine cloudmining services yield low income so here’s my recommendation. if you mean business to make wealth in crypto.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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  1. I saw a post on my wall that are starting to grow in the Philippines now. Here’s a poster of an event here and I have a friend who invited me to invest and it’s good that it’s AI Operations. I don’t know if he knows what he’s talking. LOL

    Here’s a copy of the poster:

    1. Yes sir. We know it so well. We’ve been enjoying their promise for we are earning more than what we are expecting from them.

  2. I leave in South Africa and l also attend l invest in Bittrain, joined what’saap group October 2018, l followed up until l invested in January this 2019 and so far they have kept their promises and l also see their BTRC on ether scan, and we host webinars l also seen John Khan

    1. How did you join coz, I created a username and password but when I tied to buy a package the “Buy” link does not respond, their “Contact Us” and does not even have automated donot reply email service to at least confirm that your email is being received and normally in such instances there will be a reference number or something to keep track of your inquiry

      1. You need someone to encode your package. That’s what they have told me in the Philippines.
        I just joined yesterday. We’ll see if they can still keep their promise. Fingers-crossed.

  3. I found their back office rather user unfriendly. Contact Us link does not allow one to write the message, FAQs are so limited and there are so many question that one would like to ask. For someone who came across Bittrain for the first time through a colleague, my first point of departure was to do my background check of them on their site and what I got there did not really helped me to understand some of the things that I would consider to be elementary. I s this really a real deal.

    1. I certainly do not recommend Bittrain for obvious reasons. To keep your investment safe, always invest with a regulated company such as this, unless you’re willing to risk your fund to enrich scammers.

    1. yep and it moves whether you join or not if you want to join

  4. the one who telling scam bittrain the one who have no money….if want to invest bittrain the one who became rich the one telling bittrain is scam its a poor …

  5. Either way Bittrain pays people and I have been a member since January and I’m financially free, the problem with people is that when company start taking they bad mouth in order to promote their companies, so believe me or not Bittrain pays from only once of investment

  6. I would like to invest on Bittrain but do not know how to fund my account, the Bittrain site is not saying much to help.

    1. I do encode and Activate accounts. And by far we have enjoyed the platform that BitTrain has given us.

  7. I am receiving my weekly ROI… No delay
    Since I join I already make $24,000 USD…
    What’s wrong with that?

    1. Getting ROI weekly is one thing but the actual withdrawal is all that matters. How long have peole been waiting with their withdrawals pending. For me its over three weeks since my withdrawal been pending.
      Their explanations for the delays were so lame. Something u would not expect from a company based in UK. Something is not right here. Its a matter of time before they just disappear.

      1. You should keep off scams. This is an active scam. If you must invest, use a regulated platform such bas this.

  8. How do you start this? I’m from South Africa and know someone who makes R10000/m. I want to join.

    1. Yes, BitTrain is Trusted well by Many and the System gets better and Better…
      I’m making Good Money Until now…
      Let me know if you like to Join, I can send you a Link.

          1. Bittrain is a confirmed scam. Investing in sites like this would result in the loss of your cryptocurrency. Always use regulated exchanges and investment sites for your investments. We actually recommend two sites. If you’re an experienced investor, use this one. If you’re looking to invest with the assistance of a community, use this.

  9. Hi guys its 11/June/2019. I’m from South Africa. Is Bittrain still viable for investing.I want to invest but have been scammed too many times. What assurances do they give?

  10. Hi. Im from thailand.
    Who like to invest and who can take a risk can chat with me because i want to know about how bittrain work in other country.

  11. Bittrain is now growing across Africa and they are paying very well. 8% ROI every Mondays. Should you wish to know more.

  12. Hi everyone, I joined a month ago and I have re eived my money, three Mondays already, I hope it carries on being good to all those who invested

  13. Just because a company pays you money does not mean it is not a scam, If you gave me 100k and I offered u 8% a week return then I can pay you the 8% (8k) a week from your own 100k for 12 weeks(3 months) and u would show all your friends and family members which will cause more people to join my scam which translates into more cash to pay u out after your 12 weeks of your own money is paid back to u but by then I would have gained 100’s of others joining and eventually I will have millions in my account then disappear. This is how ponzi schemes work. They ALWAYS pay out initially.

  14. Fair enough, but the flip side of it is, how much are they making out of your investment. Remember that out of payment that they make to the investor, they still deduct some percentage called initiation fee or something that goes back to them. How long have they been in the game is another question that really would set them apart from the rest of them. Your point is valid though. I have invested cautiously so and m watching out like a hawk. The first chance i get to withdraw, I withdraw and put my money in my Bitcoin account. U cant rest assured, its a cruel world out there, you eat or you get eaten, for now i eat.

  15. Sometimes we need to be wise. Once you get enough interest that will allow you to invest with the same amount, then withdraw your capital. It’s like a gamble. You invest $100 and earn interest which will reach to $100 as well, then withdraw your capital. In that sense, you can gain interest from the interest itself. Bittrain helps people to reach their dream. It helps us until now.

  16. It’s been told on the site that you cannot cancel the contract of two years, those that are currently earning every Monday, can you withdraw your earning once they get paid into your wallet?
    Please show us proof.

  17. The scam collapsed and no one is getting paid anymore; you are forced to buy their imaginary coin which you can’t sell anywhere … they are starting another company called “second round”

  18. I’d invested $18,770.00 in total including subscription, exchange rate fees and some amount of change that my bittrain recruiter kept as fee. and i just got ROI of $1,440 and that’s all, now wondering how bittrain will pay me. I am not interested to have their promised income anymore. What’s important now is just to have my capital back to me and that’s it. I’m so very regretful that i joined this way to support the Bit Laden terrorist company. The’re very smart using spy drone seeking money. Bit-Laden is Terrorizing our money and to run their responsibilities is to ride in a fast underground Train.

    1. Flying up the top of the highest buildings. That’s right. Those buildings are us -our ambition to get rich. And beyond those imagination are nightmares…victims cursing bittrain officials…and malediction will come upon them.

  19. Hello
    Haai Bittrain is a fucken Scam. i agree with the person that says being paid ROI every week and withdrawal are two separate things. Yes i get the ROI every monday but I cannot withdraw a cent from my account.
    Ooh yes it is just a matter of time Bittrain with its fake ROI payments will be gone.

  20. Hi there it’s Vincent Sibeko I have a problem. My problem is that what is happening on Bittrain investment because we don’t get paid anymore since from last year the is nothing we get from bittrain. So please help us guys no updates nothing we get but we put our money on Bittrain

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