, Another Fake Bitcoin Cloudmining Site

One fact that the cryptosphere would have to get accustomed to is that there would be no end to making fake cloudmining sites such as The reason is that there are many people who believe that stealing from others is the best way to make a living.

This is the effect of having many who do not believe in honest work. The fact that the internet has enhanced the prospect of cybercriminals stealing remotely is an attraction that many cannot overlook.

For instance, there is virtually no country where you wouldn’t get cyber crooks setting up sites like Bitza and making spurious claims on them to get the gullible to send them their hard-earned cryptocurrencies.

What is

This domain points to the shady site that claims to mine bitcoins for investors who bought their mining power by utilizing mining software. This is not a new phenomenon but a new way that crypto scammers have devised to conveniently steal the cryptocurrency of the uninformed and greedy.

The site claims to be the fastest and best bitcoin mining company. It promises that you could earn a lot of bitcoins by investing in the scheme. It also claims that it has already paid out 9700 bitcoins since it started operations. You can bet this is a lie meant to convince the gullible to make deposits which they would later regret.

False Claims

A further look around the site shows that it claims to get 500 new users and that 85,000 of these have already invested. A Google search shows that is not even in the first page of the Bitza search. A further analysis shows that it doesn’t have any prospect of signing up 85,000 members even if it operates for a year.

That brings us to the question of how long the mining operation has been around. One of the testimonies posted on the site by a supposed user, Jerry Waal claims that the user has been using the Bitza service since 2017.

A whois search for the domain shows that it was registered on February 16, 2019 and so could not have been the site mining for the phantom Jerry Waal. This is an indication that all the information on the Bitza site were intentioned to deceive people to send money to the crooks behind the site.

The testimony is even laughable as Waal claims that he withdrew 1.5 BTC after two weeks. The figures bandies around on the website makes it one of the most amateurish scam sites that we have reviewed in a long time.

The site claims that you could deposit any amount that you want since it has no minimum and maximum. Could you imagine that? At least we know that legitimate cloudmining services are programmed in a way that the contracts indicate the hashpower being purchased.

Who Owns Bitza?

There is no indication anywhere on the site who the owners of the site are. It is just some shadowy figures hanging in the dark waiting for any one foolish enough to make a deposit.

This is why we have been admonishing users to be very careful with who they send their funds to. There are many scammers out there who are doing everything they could to get hold of your cryptocurrency. Your watch word should be reputation and antecedence.


The anonymity of the owners of this site, the fact that all the information provided are untrue, no physical address, a website that doesn’t seem to understand the rudimentary aspects of mining talk less investing and bogus claims are all indications that is another scam site waiting to take your money and disappear.

I believe that most of our readers know how to identify these scam sites. Always bear in mind that bitcoin mining is no longer such a lucrative business as it was 5 years ago. Scam sites are taking advantage of people’s ignorance to sell them dummies.

For a legitimate way to earn some cryptocurrencies, I recommend that you check up another site. It may not be as fast an income as you desire but it’ll be worth it.

If you have had experience with, please share it in the comment box below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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