Bitzone24 – Sounds Too Good To Be True


You probably have heard of Bitzone24 and wondered if this is going to be your lucky break in terms of cryptocurrency wealth. As a cautious investor, you deemed it proper to conduct some research about the site. This is the appropriate thing to do since we are talking about money here.

It is no longer news that many people are getting rich through Bitcoin and altcoin. The alternative currencies are especially attractive since the ability to build them makes the owners successful if there are enough investors willing buy into the project.

However, not every project out there is genuine but is meant to get people’s money without delivering on the promises. This why you should be careful with your funds and carefully investigate every investment option to avoid unnecessary losses to scams.

What is Bitzone24?

Bitzone24The site claims that this is a cryptocurrency mining firm that is also involved in trading activities.  It has the vision on helping its members to transition from traditional investment to cryptocurrencies which it has found quite lucrative.

It further claims that it provides value for members not just through the profit it makes but with a customer service that meets the needs of its customers.  

How reliable is This Investment Site?

There are many honest people running their businesses through the internet. The problem is that there are as many dishonest people ready to steal your money if you make the wrong judgment of believing everything you read online.

Bitzone24 is one of those sites that claim what they are not just because they are interested in stealing your money.  The rest of the post is dedicated to showing you how they hope to accomplish that and the red signs that show that this is not a site you should invest in.

Who is Behind It?

Bitzone24It is amazing how many people that send their money to strangers that they know nothing about even though they would never give money to the same stranger if they met them on the street.

The internet has made it easy for people to believe what they would not ordinarily do. The reason is that there are so many users of the web who are carried away by what their eyes can see so they believe false claims made by fraudsters behind websites.

Bitzone24 was registered with the Company House, the agency in charge of business registrations in the UK. However, it has been shown that company registration does not imply that such businesses are legitimate.

In fact, fraudsters are known to have registered businesses with which they defraud people. So the idea that a business is registered should not get you deceived.

Bitzone24 was registered on May 10, 2019 according to records from the Company House. The director is one Calvin Dickerson, a British national. However, that is all that is known about him.

Bitzone24We tried locating and identifying this individual but met a brick wall. There is no record anywhere to prove that this is the identity of a real person. This can only mean one thing: this is a fake ID.

Why would a business file its registration with a fake ID? It can only be because the business is a scam that wouldn’t wan t anyone linking it to its operators.

Another HYIP

Fraudsters are aware that the only way they can attract you to their offers is by promising you instant wealth. This has always been their strategy so if you’re one of those who love the no-work quick-wealth concept, it would be very easy to fall prey to scam sites such as this.

Bitzone24 has two investment plans that offer high interest such as 10 percent daily. This means that they’re claiming they could pay you 3 times your investment in just one month.

Bitzone24Why should you believe that anyone could triple your money in a short time just because you invested it with them? If this is possible, everyone would be rich but it is not.

Sending your money to Bitzone24 is a quick way of losing it because you would lose it. Every investor should beware that if any proposal looks too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true.

A company whose owner is not known has no basis to demand investment from the public. It is a sure way of encouraging fraudsters to steal from people.


SEC website is very clear about avoiding shady sites that offer high interest to investors. Such profit propositions are signs that you’re likely going to lose your money.

Legitimate investment sites must be regulated by appropriate authorities. They must have identifiable owners and specify the risks involved in the investment. Anything short of this puts you at risk of losing your funds.

For the site that we recommend, you can check this and get involved in copy trading even if you have no experience. Even though every investment bears risks, it is by far a more viable option that giving your funds to fraudsters.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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