Blockchain Named Top In-demand Skill in 2020

A new study conducted by the professional social network, LinkedIn has concluded that blockchain skills would be the top in-demand skill in 2020. The study which is sequel to the 2019 report which showed that the blockchain related skills overtook other popular skills such as analytical reasoning, user design (UX), cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).  

In 2019, cloud computing ranked top in that year’s study. The study was titled “The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019 – And How to Learn Them,” and interestingly, other top skills dwarfed blockchain in 2019.

This year’s study shows that blockchain topped the list followed by cloud computing. Others in the order of demand are analytical reasoning, artificial intelligence, UX design, business analysis, affiliate marketing, sales, scientific computing and video production.

The study also analyzed the skills with respect to the demand for them and concluded that blockchain by far is the most in-demand skill considering that companies such as IBM, Amazon, Oracle, JP Morgan and many others are actively working on the implementation of the technology.

According to the report:

“Blockchain was born in 2009 to support the use of cryptocurrency. But blockchain’s novel way to store, validate, authorize, and move data across the internet has evolved to securely store and send any digital asset. The small supply of professionals who have this skill are in high demand.”


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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