BloomExtra: An ETH Giveaway Scam

bloomextra is one of those sites which promises its users exciting rewards. Sites like this pop up now and then because the entities behind them are aware that there are people who know nothing about how cryptocurrencies work, so they fall for the same old trick fraudsters use – ignorance.

What is BloomExtra?

What is and what do they offer? They claim to be having an Ethereum giveaway to users. Its website claims that they are a decentralized certified trading platform wanting to create awareness for their business. So they are giving out 30,000 ETH to its fans.

“We need more members in our community, as well we need our company to be known worldwide,” a statement on the sites reads.


To be eligible for this giveaway, you have to submit a valid ETH address. Make sure the address is correct, they warned. Users are encouraged to keep inviting more members and are promises 0.2ETH for everyone they refer.

Refer as much as you can, they encouraged their users and do not refer yourself they also warned. For a casual observer, the fact that an unknown company is conducting a 30,000 ETH giveaway is enough indication that you’re dealing with something suspicious. Nevertheless, we are aware that not many people would be aware of this, especially if they are not versed with the cryptospace.

Fake Company Address

The first to be noticed on the website is that they claim to be situated in 20-22 Wenlock Road London NI 7GU England but guess what? That’s a BIG, FAT LIE. Looking up the address shows that another company is situated.

Head over to google to check the address and you would discover that to another company called “companiesmadesimple”. A company that helps people to set up their business. Now how does BloomExtra relate to this company? You might be thinking but the answer is that they are not in any way related.

Scam companies routinely use third-party address providers such as Companiesmadesimple to do business. A company that wants to give away 30,000 ETH should afford its own office.

 Checking the domain information of the site you would discover an entirely different address that reads that the company was registered in Panama. The address reads P.O Box 0823-03411.

A research conducted shows the address has been used to register more than one website which is also related to scam. So it is most likely an issue of a fraud syndicate using different tactics to swindle people.  I mean which legal company uses different addresses?

Owner’s Identity Concealed

One of the ways to know a real outfit is that they do not hesitate to show the face of the people behind the organization. At least this is a way of building trust and putting users’ minds at ease. Although there have been quite a number of scams in time past who try to put a face to their website, most are stolen images. Scams always avoid putting a face to their website and you know what? is one of those sites.

There is no information about the website, no information about any of its owners, no information about how it is being run. No information whatsoever. No matter how long you spend on the websites trying to look for information you’d find none. Even checking the domain registration details you’d get no information about who registered it.

Fake Registration Number

On their website, they put a registration number although it is in a place that is not conspicuous, so it is possible you might not see it if you are not observant. The registration reads 11227919 but research shows that this is another lie.

Since they claim to be in London, checking the UK Company House directory you’d discover that the registration number belonged to CRPYTONIT another company entirely.

Although as at the time of writing this it has not been confirmed whether the company is a scam or not but one thing is clear they are separate entities. Why would a supposedly legit company put up a lie such as this?

Users’ Experience

It is not surprising that users have been complaining of not being paid and that the supposedly automatic withdrawal is not working. To make matters worse they even try to cajole you to pay some fee before you withdraw.

A comment of one of its users on reads:

 “Friends, unfortunately, the site, which claimed to pay 1.5 altrium for free to every user is a scam and has no payment. This site claims that by paying 5.5 altrium, your account will be activated and your atrium balance will be credited to your account, which is like a clear day when it is a scam and does not pay”. 

Another comment reads

“Big scam they will claim it is free to withdraw but at last, you have to pay of which you’ll never receive your reward, never pay a pin, real scammers. God punish them all”.

From all indications, it is clear that they do not pay. NO legitimate platform will ask you to pay to withdraw this is what you should know. `


Finally, one should tread with caution in dealing with this company. For a platform that claims to offer 0.2 ETH for every reference that is about $70+, one should be careful. That is just too bogus if you’d ask me. 

So there you have the review on What they accomplish even if they’re unable to steal your money may be adding your email to the library of what they have to sell. Searching for a good investment? Check our top recommendation.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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