BlueHill Foundation – Would You Trust This Mining Company?

Bluehill Foundation

Mining conglomerates usually elicit confidence because everyone knows that mining of natural resources such as gold and copper is a lucrative business.

Bluehill foundation is one company that has taken advantage of this profitability to create an investment opportunity it hopes that many investors will take advantage of to make gains.

Bluehill Foundation recently announced that it would soon commence the sale of a security token in a bid to tokenize its mining operations.

With the offering, we are sure that there are many investors that may be impressed enough to want to invest in this sale, if you’re one of them, it would be appropriate to read through this post before parting with your funds.

What is BlueHill Foundation?

This is a company that claims to control 30 percent of some mining operations in Asia. Located somewhere in Mongolia, the firm is believed to be in control of large copper deposits with some being mined while exploration is ongoing in other sites.

According to the site, the company derives its name from the area where its major mining operation takes place in that the hills have bluish coloration due to the presence of copper oxide.

Valued at more than $900 million, the company through its security token now wants to open its doors to investors to participate in the endless profit that could accrue from its operational successes.

Should You Trust This STO?

The company is depending on a Swiss regulated security token offering and under normal circumstance this should give the investor a level of confidence but with the crypto industry, nothing is really that secured. That is why the general rule is that you conduct proper investigation before parting with any digital assets that you own.

There are evidences that this is not a trustworthy project and we shall highlight just a few to help you make appropriate decisions.

Plagiarized Whitepaper

Someone said that if the idea is yours, you should be able to explain it to an 8 year old. What we have noticed with many projects are just avenues through which scammers and other dishonest entities try to steal funds from investors.

The Bluehill Foundation whitepaper was effectively plagiarized from other sources. Not even the lightpaper which is a summary of the whitepaper was an original document. This could be seen from the section which stated:

“The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Information held on a Blockchain exists as a shared and continually reconciled database. The Blockchain database is not stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and easily verifiable, staying on the Blockchain permanently. Blue Hill Foundation will bring more efficiency and transparency using Blockchain technology in the below mentioned 5 ways, revolutionizing the mining industry that is still ineffective and opaque in the traditional way.”

Bluehill FoundationRunning a check on this on plagiarism software shows that this was copied from Blockgeeks. No reputable organization would plagiarize a document. It shows that what we have with BlueHill Foundation are some individuals that are not trustworthy.

If you’re thinking of a better investment platform, here’s one.

Unknown Team Members

Bluehill Foundation listed 9 mining team members but none of them has a social profile linked to their identities. This is quite suspicious for a company hoping to raise funds from investors. Big companies do not hesitate in letting the public know the executives managing affairs of the company.

Bluehill foundation

The only reason why a company would expect investors to send money to strangers is if they have something to hide. The fact that they have already proven to be unreliable should make every investor avoid the Bluehill Mining security token.

Unrealistic ROI

Who else knows that it is impossible for even the best managers to give assurances of quick wealth such as 100 percent in 2 months and promise that consistently? One of the strategies employed by scammers is offering mega profits to investors knowing that many would be tempted to take it.

According to the Bluehill Mining website,

“The target return of investment is up to 3,340% for the Blue Hill Mining project. By investing into the BHF one can double the ROI as the BHF tokens can be purchased for a discounted price (although BHF token prices will increase during this offering).”

Analyzing that statement, we were left in no doubt that this is a project that has am objective to entice people to buy a token that may be worthless. How could anyone promise thousands of percent to investors especially in the unpredictable crypto market? It is absolutely ridiculous.

Bluehill Foundation


There are enough proofs to show that this project is a no-no for me. Every investor should learn to read in-between the line and especially conduct background research before buying any tokens.

With hundreds of millions of dollars lots to ICO scams, many investors are wiser but scammers are still in business. For the best investment I recommend, check here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

9 thoughts on “BlueHill Foundation – Would You Trust This Mining Company?

  1. I read this article immediately after a listening to a presentation by blue hill at the Africa 4.0 conference in Kampala, Uganda. The presenter (salesman) made unlikely promises about how quickly investments would grow and it prompted me to look for information on them. It’s a shame if they are really just fleecing gullible individuals but I’m glad there are sites like this that help cast doubt on them.

  2. How to say what you want to say is free, that’s what this person does. From my point of view, he thinks without having elements of judgment and without having any idea what is talking.

    Of course, he speaks badly of Blue Hill Foundation and then he wants to direct you to a platform which, according to him, is very good. Surely he has an account on that platform and wants them to register in it many people, for to him to receive his commission. That is not serious, it is not professional, it is not ethical and, of course, it makes your opinion not impartial, which is how it should be.

    Regarding the “whitepaper” of STO’s all come to say the same about the blockchain, and I have read many, so that shows nothing.

    On the other hand, he does not know what he is talking about, because he says it is an ICO, and it is not. It’s an STO, which It has a lot of difference with ICO’s.

    Proof of this is that he gives some confidence that the STO is regulated by Switzerland but, according to him, in the crypto industry, nothing is really that certain. That’s why the STO’s were created, to give them the security that ICOs didn’t have.

    He also says nothing about the SWISSCOM group. Would the SWISSCOM group enter into an operation of this wingspan If I didn’t have the necessary information to do it? The answer is No.

    Then he tells the members of the mining team that none have a social profile linked to their identities This is laugh. I personally know the CEO of the Blue Hill Foundation, Dr. Kurt Becker.

    Please, enter the following link:

    It is the world’s most prestigious investor forum and Blue Hill was as a speaker. Do you think that if it were a pirate company could participate in that level? 5c73be5626ae

    This is an article published in FORBES magazine, the most recognized magazine in the WORLD in Economics and finance. He talks about Blue Hill Mining and its Blockchain for the exploitation of the mine. Such a magazine prestigious as Forbes publishes on serious and relevant issues for the economy. And of course, more than contrasted.

    Conclusion, this person has no idea what he says. To comment you must have all the possible information on the subject that you comment. And in these cases you always have to act with professionalism and impartiality.

    1. I have no doubt that you are part of the fraud. Knowing the CEO personally doesn’t mean a thing. If you do, please provide a valid profile for the investors to check. Having a content published on Forbes does not make a project authentic or legitimate. The essence of the review is to warn investors that they would lose their funds in this project. The discretion is left for them to decide on what to do with the information. Basically, the site I refer them to is an alternative to losing their funds and yes, I get paid when they use the site. Isn’t it better than referring them to fraudulent sites like yours?

    2. I wouldn’t be using links the Blue Hill Mining company provide you with as “proof”. This is fabricated. Why provide the as a link for proof that this project is real when the reality is this is Blue Hill Mining is using this site to promote their SCAM STO token. This site is ADVERTISING their Token, this is not impartial.

      Don’t get me started on the Blue Hill Mining PURCHASED photos and videos being passed off as legit originals. These are already proven as fake stock pics/vids… ( and….don’t forget about the Blue Hill team members swapping heads throughout the white paper, even the scammers can’t remember who the team members are LOL… giving wrong details.

      Don’t use Blue Hill Foundation LinkedIn as proof that the team is real, that is also fabricated. If you want to know what companies the real Kurt Becker is involved with then google independent databases. Below is an example from an independent database, you can search other databases for yourself.


      Remember you should do your own research.

      The FORBES magazine article you refer too was written by a PAID FORBES CONTRIBUTOR. I too have paid for articles to be published with Forbes. Money talks, don’t once think FORBES content is 100% legit all the time. BIG MISTAKE.

      Actually Venture Capital Hub @ Reuters wrote an article about Blue Hill Mining and their STO, and the article was called out to to be a SCAM by a scam hunter Jon Walsh ( Jon wrote to Reuters about running a piece illegally promoting investments in Blue Hill Mining. Reuters removed the article about Blue Hill promoting their STO from publication. (

      Let’s move on to the the STO that is APPARENTLY being regulated in Switzerland. Hmmm… the white paper says it will be listed in Canada, Toronto so who knows why the financial body for that jurisdiction is NOT involved, and instead the SEC and FINMA is??? That doesn’t make sense.

      I have read both Blue Hill White papers, and they are contradictory to each other and lack important information regarding business structure and how the token will be sold on a stock security platform.

      So in conclusion I too agree that you must have all possible information on the subject before you comment to show professionalism and impartiality.

      Blue Hill Mining/Foundation is a SCAM

  3. Blue Hill Mining is a known scam and has already been proven.

    Different authors have been mentioned including scam hunters calling this project a FRAUD.

    Their whitepaper is PLAGIARISED, team members in previous white papers are different people and a bumping service has been hire by them.

    This project has been linked to the SCAM(s) by Adrian Jacuzzi’ – Mize Network and PowerMine.

    Here are all the companies the REAL Dr Kurt Becker is involved with:,%2BL%25C3%25BCnen/Amtsgericht%2BDortmund%2BHRB%2B29757&xid=25657,15700023,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhjQxRa9det9jM9xDt_TAa4dFTPMZw,+Kurt,+Lünen/15w5

    1. Thank you for your input Anon. It is certainly a scam and we all need to work hard to stop the fraudsters. Regards.

      1. You are very right in what you are saying. Thank you for making this scam more public. It is difficult when scam content is contained with in the forum Bitcointalk as it is difficult to reach a different audience.

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