Boeing’s 737 Max Ready for Re-certification

Boeing Max

After a round of test flights conducted and completed by Europe’s air-safety regulator, The European Union Aviation Safety Agency  on Boeing  737 Max Jetliner with a view to ascertaining the return of the airplane to its habitat, the trip data is to be evaluated. This information was made public on Friday after the flight started off from Vancouver.

The Boeing 737 Max Jetliner, have killed about 346 people from two air crashes as a result of failure of safety features to function as required. Its tortuous journey to re-certification after grounding far back in March, 2019 had been delayed further by travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

New Training for Updated Airliner

A standard training is expected to be established at London’s Gatwick Airport in the coming weeks. However, this will depend on the reaction of pilots after evaluation has been made on the updated Jetliner. A group of regulators from Brazil, Canada, Europe and the U.S constituting an Evaluation Board through a Joint Operations Board would drive the process.

The EASA at the same time will attempt to re-certify the jet on conclusion of the several documentations and consultations that would be done internally. However, this would take some weeks.

Boeing stock from the Dow Jones Industrial Average at New York Stock Exchange dipped $157 representing 52%, its worst slump this year.

Top Boeing Agenda

Top of the agenda on Boeing Co.’s plan for the fourth quarter is to see its flagship Max737 Jetliner return to the skies as it seeks to scale through hurdles placed by regulators like the EASA.

The encouragement given to the aircraft maker by EASA would go a long way in repositioning it and also redeem its image as a top air safety regulator after FAA’s failure to live up to expectations.

An industry observer predicted the possibility of the United Arab Emirates granting  the aircraft permission to operate commercially over its airspace with no flight test conducted if the U.S and European regulators give the aircraft a nod.

According to Boeing, its 787 Dreamliner  production which was projected to bring revenue to the company has greatly been affected as a result of issues due to manufacturing. The company is very eager to restore cash-flow its famous 737 Max Jetliner was reputed for.

So far, it has on record 450 of the Max 737 Dreamliner being built after its grounding. On re-certification, a target to deliver at most half of the aircraft within 12 months has been set. Even with the slow process of re-certification of the max, owning to the pandemic, Boeing has recorded 400 cancellations of orders for its 737 Max.


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