BTC Clicks – Can You Earn Bitcoins By Clicking Around?

BTC Clicks

There are many sites which pay people for clicking ads. BTC Clicks is one of such sites. While clicking idly on ads may not be a bad idea for little boys and girls, assuming they know what they’re searching for, there are some folks who are really searching for avenues of making a living off the internet who think such sites is for them.

Ad sites that intentionally make people sit for hours to view ads are generally a waste of time. This is so because the ad clicker is not really a targeted traffic or customer who really needs what those sites they are offering.

This is very much not like someone searching on Google for information that they really need, who may end up paying for what they found on a site during the search. In this post, we are going to use BTC Clicks as a case study to understand why this sort of site is not a good idea if you’re considering making real income on the internet.

Furthermore, we shall look at why an advertiser on such sites would not have good returns on their investments because the traffic sent to their site from BTC Clicks would at best be viewers of site and not buyers of what the site offers because they are randomly clicking people and not genuine traffic that is targeted.

What is BTC Clicks?

BTC ClickBTC Clicks is an Advertiser and Earner site which is in essence paid to click. The users sign up and then have access to a dashboard where they can click to view available sites. These are mainly sites that are related to Bitcoin.

The owners of these sites have paid to have people view them hoping to increase their traffic or make sales. Sometimes, the advertisers are site owners that just need stats of high traffic to show their own advertisers, creating the impression that they have many site visitors. So it is all a trade for viewer traffic.

Advertiser Benefit

The merit of BTC Clicks is that the Advertiser has an option of setting the duration they want the viewer to see their ad between 10 seconds to 200 seconds. While viewing the particular ad, opening another tab would invalidate the view. This makes it certain that the advertised site was actually viewed by the Earner who is paid per ad viewed.

BTC Clicks

The ad clicker or Earner gets 0.00018 BTC per viewed ad. You may not understand how small this amount is, but the best way to explain it is that the person could click for hours every day and not earn enough for a cup of coffee a day.

This is how all paid to click sites work because the users is not really adding real value by clicking idly on sites looking to gain random traffic. At best, the people making money are the owners of the site who are getting ad revenue from the advertisers.

Another way they make money is by asking the Earners to upgrade to premium membership plan to earn higher income, but this is still barely enough to make a living off paid to click sites such as BTC Clicks.

What Better Options Are There?

If you really mean business to earn bitcoins, there are better ways to do it. These include using your skills to work and get paid with bitcoins. Yes, it is very possible to earn bitcoins with skills such as writing, editing, programming, web development, management, etc. You should try them on sites and forums where freelancers are paid in bitcoins.

You can also set up blog about cryptocurrencies and get paid in Bitcoin. Setting up a blog requires good writing and research skills. It also demands consistency in the production and publishing of content.

Another great option is investing in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. There are good sites where you can purchase cryptocurrencies and hold them in anticipation that their prices will rise.

Bitcoin is already doing very well this year and you should take advantage of such sites. The site also gives you the option of trading but you need not go into that until you learn how to.

Making money online need not be a waste of time with sites such as BTC Clicks. There is a great copy trading site that would help you grow the value of your assets by simply copying experienced traders. This is a quick way to see your funds grow as an investor.


BTC ClicksPaid to view and paid to click sites such as BTC Clicks are complete waste of time. Even though the site has been online since 2013, hanging around such sites in a bid to earn bitcoin does not augur well for the users.

Your best option is to build your own business strategy that works well for you, and watch your financial future get brighter.

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Author: Jofor Humani

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