BTC Trading Online – When Fraudsters Lie To Get Your Money


Investigating scams has its own challenges as seen with BTC Trading Online, a company that has made every effort to lure investors into its investment scheme by misrepresenting every material fact that it could present.

I’m certain that you may have come across the site while searching for a genuine investment site but may be disappointed that this is yet another site that promises much but deliver nothing. In this post, I shall show you the intrigues employed by BTC Trading Online to convince investors that it is genuine.

Before we proceed, it is of essence to know that investors who see through the wiles of scammers are those who make effort to crosscheck the information provided on investment sites. Other investors who believe everything they see and hear end up losing their funds.

What is BTC Trading Online?

BTCTradingOnlineThis is a site that bandied the same words and terms that are associated with cryptocurrency investment. These are words such as trading, investment, profit and expertise used in various shades.

However, what is remarkable and which should be a red signal to any investor is the quality of the web copy.

At Cryptoinfowatch, we have advised our readers to be wary of any site that has a low quality copy. In fact, it should be the first signal that you’re dealing with a scam.

A company that lacks the ability to present a decent web copy should not be expected to manage your funds even if they are sincere.

In the case of BTC Trading Online, it is obvious that they are not despite claiming that:

“it was founded by David E.Rutter and the current CEO is Richard G.Brown, and the platform has been co-working with the New York Government, with professional managers who make sure that the customers directed properly and well attended to”

Who Are Behind this Site?

As seen above, BTC Trading Online claims that it was founded by David E. Rutter, a well-known influencer in the blockchain field. Rutter is the founder of R3, a blockchain company and has a rich profile at LinkedIn. A look at that profile shows that he knows nothing about a site or company known as BTC Trading Online.

We also looked at the profile of Richard G. Brown, the CTO of R3 who this site claimed is the present CEO and saw that this is another lie.

It is obvious that BTC trading Online is targeting users who are not informed about the crypto industry and those that would never crosscheck facts presented by random investment sites before making investment deposits.

Fake Registration Certificate

BTCTradingOnlineThe site calls itself ‘a registered New York company’ but what it exhibits is a doctored UK Company House certificate that likely was not an official issue of the agency.

This means that the entity behind this site does not even know the difference between a New York registered company and that registered by the UK.

It is a paradox that after calling itself Registered New York Company, the site stated:

“We are a legal company registered in the United Kingdom providing its investment services to the members all around the world.”

How Long has it Been Online?

One of the tricks employed by scammers is to lie about the duration that they have been online as businesses. This is based on the realization that people mostly trust sites that have been online longer because they presume that such are more reliable.

We can see that BTC Trading Online claimed that they have been rendering financial services since 2014. This contradicts the truth which shows that the domain of their site was registered on May 18, 2019.


The ploy to deceive people and steal their funds is very real. It is the responsibility of the investor to see that their funds are safe by avoiding dubious sites.

Fake Trading Managers


The 3 trading managers displayed on the site are all fake identities. The two female purported traders are fake IDs plucked from stock photo sites while the male trader may be the image of a freelancer taken from a freelancing website.

It is very clear that these are faked identities meant to create the impression that this is a real trading site that could help the investor make money. The reality is that this is a scam site that would steal any deposits sent to it.




Using Influencers As Investors

The wiles of this site continued as it used some of the influencers and founders in the crypto industry as its investors. Even though it did not directly state this, adding them under a title that says “The Most Richest [sic] Investors In BTC-Trading” implies this.

Joseph Lubin for instance is the founder of Consensyn and a co-founder of Ethereum who has no business with a scam site such as BTCTradingOnline, but the site used his photo, that of Mathew Roszak and Chris Larson to promote their scam.



BTCTradingOnline is an active scam and should be considered as such. You wouldn’t miss the fact that crooks are behind this site and that any funds sent to it as good as gone.

Genuine investment sites do not lie about what they do and they do not steal people’s ID to impress their site visitors.

Fake ROI


Trusted investment sites have known owners and managers. They do not steal IDs of executives of other companies as we have seen here.

Trusted sites are licensed by regulators of financial services and not just registered by listing agencies such as Company House.

Genuine investment sites do not offer unrealistic ROI such as 120 percent in 24 hours. Such promises are meant to deceive people into making deposits to the scammers behind sites such as BTCTradingOnline.


This is clearly another active scam meant to deceive and steal from people. To make sure that your funds are safe, use a regulated investment platform such as our top recommendation. This is where you can take advantage of the copy trading and other social investment strategies to grow your funds.

Remember that every investment has risks associated with it and invest wisely. See you at the top.

What is your experience with BTCTradingOnline and other scam investment sites? Please share them using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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