Buterin Suggests Bitcoin Cash Blockchain to Help Ethereum Improve Scaling

Ethereum is currently trying to find a lasting solution to its scalability issues. According to co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain can help. The renowned developer made his thoughts known in his post on Ethereum Research Forum.

Scaling has been a major problem for cryptocurrencies with the Ethereum network seriously lagging behind in its development. While Ethereum can only process 15 transactions per second, Ripple is currently handling 1500 TPS. 

To resolve the issue, Ethereum developers have been building a sister platform, Ethereum 2.0. With this improved chain, the Ether coin will switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake which will improve its scalability.

Solution for the Meantime

Since Ethereum 2.0 is billed for next year, Buterin’s idea could be a short term solution.

Vitalik Buterin believes that Bitcoin Cash is the ideal solution for his scalabilty quick fix with its has bandwidth of 53 KB.

To explain his idea, he stated that Bitcoin Cash’s transparency is the reason he selected the cryptocurrency.  He revealed that implementing the idea would not be capital intensive as the necessary equipment are already available in Ethereum.

Eliminating Obstacles

However the major problem in this proposal is the 10-minute block time in Bitcoin Cash. But there is a solution as Buterin stated that utilizing the Avalanche pre-consensus model will eliminate this obstacle.

The idea faced serious backlash from different crypto twitter groups as many thought this will spell doom for both Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

To Alex van Sande, a developer in Ethereum, Buterin was only making an April Fool joke at the wrong time.

He said:

“I guess when you’re Vitalik you can ****post your April’s fool joke whenever you want!,”

Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum rejected the idea by declaring that the 2nd most popular crypto in the world has “already scaled quite significantly.”

In the meantime, the debate goes on since Buterin has always been an influential figure in the community and many take him seriously.

Author: Zoran Spirkovski

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