Bybit Lists DASH, Announces $94,000 Reward In The Crypto Asset

Dash Treasure Hunt

Bybit has a new spot listing as can be seen from a new update at the exchange. The spot listing is for DASH, the versatile coin that supports making everyday payments using digital cash.

To commemorate the listing, the management of Bybit announced a treasure hunt for $94,000 worth of DASH which is open to all users of the exchange.

To make it easy for all users of Bybit to have a shot at winning some of the DASH coins available, the giveaway has been split in three way that different activities on the platform are rewarded.

Activity-Based Bounty

The Dash raid participants can gain bounties by performing certain tasks such as sharing the news about the listing on Bybit. This can be done by retweeting the update about the DASH Pool Prize with a follower tagged in the tweet. Eligible participants will shale in the Dash pool fund.

Users who signed up with Bybit within the period of the promotion and have not actually made trade in the spot or derivative market or both are also eligible.

The traders would be rewarded as follows:

The first 300 users who make their first Spot trade — with DASH — will get $10 worth of DASH.

The first 8,000 users who make their first Derivatives trade — with DASH/USDT Perpetuals — will get a 10 USDT bonus.

Higher Volume Trades

Traders who trade with up to $500 in DASH are eligible for higher reward of $1000 by trading the digital currency on the spot market.

According to the release, the sharing formula is as follows:

X = Your total Spot trading volume in DASH at the end of the event

Y = The Spot trading volume in DASH of all participants of the event

Your rewards in DASH = X/Y*$10,000



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.