AI Bot Unleashed: Bybit Releases Revolutionary Insight Tool — What Is ToolGPT?

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Bybit has announced the launch of an AI tool designed just like chat GPT but with a specialty in trading the markets. Known as ToolGPT, the tool was described by the exchange as a revolutionary trading tool integrated with ChatGPT.

A release by Bybit on Thursday, June 15, said that the tool introduces AI-driven market insight for every trade. ToolGPT seems to be well received by Bybit customers. Even though reviews are still sparse, some queries are already trending in the AI trading tool.

Popular queries for ToolGPT

An update from Bybit said that some of the trending questions that traders have asked the AI tool are:

“Can you provide a brief analysis of ETH’s price movement based on technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands?

What predictions can be made about BTC’s future trend based on the RSI and MACD technical indicators?

What are three (3) macroeconomic indicators that could significantly impact BTC’s price, and how can trading strategies be tailored to capitalize on these factors?

What crypto trading strategies would you recommend given the current market conditions?”

The Dubai-based exchange said that ToolGTP combines machine learning with its comprehensive market data to give traders long-term market predictions and short-term price predictions.

Traders can also gain insight into future ETH trend forecasts.

Integrates ChatGPT’s cutting-edge machine learning

The statement from the company said,

“ToolsGPT is a powerful platform that integrates ChatGPT’s cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with Bybit’s comprehensive market data to empower traders with unparalleled insights. It can conduct technical analysis, funding analysis, model prediction, and more.”

To use Bybit’s ToolGTP, you should be registered with the platform. Bybit said that it is free to use for its customers.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.