Bybit Sets to Launch its Second Project – CropBytes (CBX)

Bybit is ready to launch a second project on its platform. One of the world’s fastest-growing crypto exchanges, Bybit is in a strategic partnership campaign with CropBytes to commence an exclusive campaign for the growing CropBytes community.

The new project is an NFT-based gaming token. According to the report, CropBytes is a foremost gaming revolution in the crypto space designed to help gamers utilize the potential of cryptocurrency to play games while earning in the virtual world. It is modeled on real-world farming economic activities.

Free BIT for Every Gamer on CropBytes

Users of this gaming platform can own assets and NTFs on their farms. Also, they have the option of exchanging assets among friends and other gamers. According to the campaign’s terms and conditions, a whopping sum of 20,000 USD in BIT is available for grabs between 28th OCT 2021 to 1st Nov 2021 at  0:00 AM (UTC). Gamers on CropBytes have to deposit different amounts of USDT to receive BIT.

Given that the initial offering price is 1 CBX=0.1 USD, users can purchase a  large volume of CropBytes to trade against other digital coins on Bybit or simply hold for the value to increase. The total amount of CBX tokens available to stakeholders is 3,000,000. Joining the campaign helps you gain access to a large number of tokens from other valuable projects in the future.

Just like other successful game-based NTFs, CropBytes has a lot of potential both for gamers and developers who are willing to take advantage of this gaming platform to earn while playing.

The token that has been scheduled for launch

Author: Miriam