Bytecoin News: Team Announces The Release of Bytecoin Zero Beta Wallet

Bytecoin News

Bytecoin which has pioneered the privacy coin structure among cryptocurrencies recently announced the release of the beta version of Bytecoin Zero, its browser based wallet.

The innovation would allow users to access their Bytcoin wallets and transfer BCN without the need of Desktop based clients and still maintain the same security and privacy for which Bytecoin is known.

In a blog post released on September 3, the team stated that the technique which was thought to be impracticable before now makes users benefit from the convenience of browser based application without compromising Desktop based security.

Running A Full Node

The downside of the new enhancement is that it takes the user running a full Bytecoin node to access it. This means that a full copy of the Bytecoin blockchain has to be downloaded on the user’s desktop.

This is 30 GB plus native software that has to be set up to access the browser wallet. Even though the team understood the inconvenience, it stated that this could be a small price to pay to benefit from the latest release from the Bytecoin platform.

Using A Trusted Node

The release stated that an alternative to running a full node is connecting to a remote Bytecoin node that the user trusts. This would save storage space even though the responsibility to crosscheck the correctness of mined blocks would be that of the owner of the node and not the connecting user.

Web wallets are more like internet banking, the released stated, adding that due to uncertainties associated with the legal status of cryptocurrencies, there might be no protection for the user if something goes wrong.

Convenience and Security 

The Bytecoin team went around this limitation in Bytcoin Zero which incorporates the convenience of a browser based wallet and the security of native desktop software.

The post highlighted that the main advantage of the Bytecoin Zero is its security which comprises codes meant to run on browser. One of such safety features is a built in mechanism that allows users to verify the safety and origin of Bytecoin Zero’s build in the browser.

The user doesn’t have to depend on or trust third parties to use this wallet which has been made mobile-friendly.  

Author: Chris Mharc

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