California Nurse Sold Controlled Substances for Bitcoin On DarkNet

Nurse sold controlled substances for bitcoin on darknet

Federal authorities filed charges against a Rancho Cordova nurse for selling controlled substances on the DarkNet. The suspect that operated with the handle Farmacy41 reportedly made 200 BTC by selling narcotics since the days of Silk Road.

Carrie Alain Markis made her first appearance today in court following arraignment. She has been linked to a couple arrested by the FBI in November 2018 in an investigation that for months.

The suit against her is on dealing with drugs and controlled substance. Each of the charges carries prison terms of many years even though she was arraigned for distributing Fentanyl and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

More Charges Likely

Prosecutors plan adding more charges to the suit based on the digital evidences showing that the suspect sold thousands of these substances.

Farmacy41 started selling on the DarkNet in 2013 and has since moved from one DarkNet marketplace to another as law enforcement moved against operation of each platform starting with the 2017 closure of Silk Road.

Her business spanning years across these markets is linked with the sale and distribution of nearly 9000 hydrocodone pills, 1000 methadone, 2500 oxycodone, 70 morphine tablets and nearly the same number of Fentanyl patches for which she made hundreds of bitcoins.

Built A DarkNet Brand

The suit shows that Markis who used the handle of Farmacy41 across various dark markets where she ran her drug deals was 41 when she started the using the dark net to sell drugs which explains why she added the number to her handle.

The report says that she uses the same username for all her accounts across all DarkNet operations. The reason for this is that even among users of the platform, reputation is an important commodity.

Farmacy41 who was well-known among DarkNet users reportedly moved to Alpha Bay and Pandora when Silk Road shut down.

Possible Life Imprisonment

Since even one sale of the controlled substance carries a prison sentence, Farmacy41 faces possible life imprisonment for her crime considering the digital evidence investigators uncovered against her.

The string of evidences stem from the fact that she used the same username in all her DarkNet activities. Users of such platforms usually have means of verifying identity of sellers or buyers across different DarkNet markets using PGP keys.

She built a reputation as a seller of nutrition substances across these platforms which made her unwilling to change the brand name she built over time.

A Justice Department press release stated that last November that a couple was arrested in connection with opiate distribution. The Rancho Cordova arrest is linked with Farmacy41 as investigators worked behind the scene to connect the dots linking both cases.


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