Cardano Continues To Decentralize


More than 1200 stake pools have been created on the Cardano network since Shelley was launched onto the mainnet. The developers are doing their own part to ensure that users get the best of experience with this latest development by increasing the saturation parameter (k) from 150 to 500.

This change is expected to be implemented in the early days of December. This is essential to the Cardano vision considering that many pools have made their marks by keying into early positions. Others are expected to do the same soon.

The idea is to drive Cardano towards decentralization sooner than later. That is why the network is delegating two kinds of pools namely, the Purpose Pools and the Incubator Pools.

While Purpose Pools aim at developing and educating people, Incubator Pools are to help owners reach a level that can enable them get the best of what Cardano has to offer them. 

Those interested in getting any of the pools are encouraged to apply between December 10 and December 31 2020. Delegation will, however, be open again next year for two weeks in each quarter.

For selected pools, Cardano will be giving some delegation for the first three months during which support will be given for the creation of blocks. This delegation is expected to begin toward the end of January, 2021.

In a recent blog post, by Input-Output, they stated that Cardano is poised to give users the very best as it strives to attain decentralization.

“The journey may be slow but with this new strategy, we will surely get there.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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