Cardano’s Input Output Partners With Stanford University To Create ‘Blockchain Research Hub’


Cardano’s Input Output partners with Stanford University to create the ‘Blockchain Research Hub’

Input Output Global Inc, the blockchain research company behind the Cardano blockchain announces that it has partnered with Stanford University to create a research hub for blockchain. The announcement was contained in a release by the company on September 2, 2022.

Tackling Fundamentals of Blockchain

According to the update, the objective of the hub is to tackle foundational and fundamental questions around the blockchain industry.  It also seeks to work on collation of data about the blockchain space. This is to eliminate guesses through a scientific approach to available data.

In a post made on Twitter, the platform added that the partnership also seeks to promote the need for extensive research in the growing blockchain space.

$4.5 Million in 3 Years

Announcing the partnership, IOHK said that it will fund the hub via its IOG to the tune of $4.5 million. The funding will be spread through a period of 3 years. The essence will be wholly to support research into the distributed ledger technology space.

“The new research hub will be led by a steering committee composed of Stanford and IOG researchers.”

Some of The Brightest Minds

It added that the researchers involved in both organizations are some of the brightest minds in their fields. Prominent among these are David Tse, a professor at Stanford and the founder of BabylonChain.

Others are Dan Boneh, Ashish Goel, a professor at Stanford with interest in algorithms and their applications, Andy Hall, a Stanford professor with interest in decentralized governance and Stanford Engineering.

Input Output Chief Scientist

Speaking on the partnership, Professor Aggelos Kiayias, the Chief Scientist of Input Output Global Inc. and professor of Edinburgh University of, said

Advancing the state of the art in distributed ledger systems is essential for realizing the full potential of blockchain technology. This is what the Research Hub at Stanford is contributing to. Input Output is a pioneer in the blockchain space both in terms of producing as well as supporting foundational and applied research. Being able to give other academics the ability to undertake their own research means we can work together to make even greater progress.

Stanford Speaks On Partnership

I am grateful for this support. The Research Hub will be a significant boost to enhance the interest in both fundamental and applied blockchain research at Stanford.” – Professor David Tse

Author: Jofor Humani

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