Cashcrates: A Cheap Way To Deceive

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There are a lot of get-paid-to-do platforms out there offering to pay you for simple tasks. Out of all these, a lot of them have turned out to be scams. One such platform is  This article will be shedding light on everything you need to know about this platform.

What is Cashcrates?

On the website, the owners described it as an earning network, even spicing it up by calling themselves no 1 earning network. It is described as GPT (get paid to) but on another part of their website they call themselves an affiliate network. This is confusing…

Cashcrates has a lot of mouth-watering offers. This includes $50 for sign up, $10 for every referral through your link, and $2 for each click you get on your link. These does not look real enough for a website that its membership is free and has no paid membership options. What you should ask yourself is where all that money they promise to pay you would come from.

Why is A Scam?

So much lies are being peddled on the websites. An example is the flaunted age of the website.

Registration Date

If you visit their About Us page, it says they’ve been around for 5years. This is a lie. Checking their domain registration details shows they were registered in April 2020. Which genuine site lies about how long it’s been around? Why the lie? Simply to make people trust them.

Contact Information

The way lies are spread all over their website is surprising it is a shameless thing to do. You’d see the site email address is but guess what? Nothing of such exists. 

Going further in this act, they had a physical address slammed on the website. It is shown as Koningin Beatrixstraat 46, De Lier, Zuid-Holland 2678 EE, Netherlands, but a quick check shiws they are not located there.

Google search and you’ll discover that this same address has been used by several scam sites which includes popular ones like EarnAndGo. Funny enough, they say they are based in South London and you’ll find the Netherlands on their About page.

To make it even more ridiculous, on their terms and conditions page you’ll find Melbourne Australia as their address. One company, just one company three addresses. 

Terms And Conditions

They simply won’t pay you a dime no matter how much hard work you put in.  One of the ridiculous things put in place by the administrator of these sites to ensure you are not paid is found in their terms and condition.

A lot of people do not read the terms and conditions before ticking the agreement box. The reason is not far-fetched; this page is usually lengthy and filled with a lot of legal jargon so people just click right away. You’ve done it before, I’ve done it too, almost everyone does it. But a look at the terms and condition page you’ll find something shocking. A line states there in no unclear terms that you agree to be at least 99 years of age or older. This means if you are under 99 years of age you have no right to get paid.  

Nasty Business

If you make a payment request and it doesn’t go through and you are probably lucky to contact someone (this is usually a dead-end), all they have to do is ask for a confirmation of your date of birth and after this that would be the last you’d hear from them and you can’t even sue them because it is in the agreement you ignorantly signed.

I don’t think the law accepts ignorance as an excuse. I mean which legitimate GPT accepts only people that are 99yrs of age. I mean those who are lucky to get to that age aren’t even on the internet talk less of doing any tasks.

Unknown Owners

A legit outfit does not hesitate in showing the brains behind it. You’d always get substantial information about the website owners but fraudsters will do everything within their power to hide their identity and cash crates are no different.

Probability of losing your money:  yes that’s right. In the quest to make money online if you make use of a Cashcrate you might end up losing your money. Some of the tasks being carried out on the websites require that you give out your phone number.

The implication is that you might inadvertently subscribe to text message or email services that will bombard you with promotional messages every day.

Additionally, you might lose some money from your bank accounts. You might start noticing a deduction from your bank accounts because some of the tasks on this website require that you drop your credit card details or bank account information.

While there are still other irregularities all these are enough red flags for anyone who cares about their time, financial details to stay away from them. You can check on a genuine investment site where you take advantage of trading skills of others in copy trading.

Author: Chris Mharc

Hello, I am Christ Marc, a young crypto enthusiast who has been in the market for a few years, I heard from bitcoin via a few friends and since then I became deeply interesred in this technology, now I am pursuing my studies with the incentive to master tomorrow's technology.

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