CELER cBridge Liquidity Mining Session One is Launching on 12/15/2021

The CELER Network‘s cBridge is scheduled for launch on December 15. This is as the network strives to utilize its liquidity mining pool to bridge the demand for cross-chain collaboration.

The launch is consequent upon the confirmation of the cBridge 20’s stability which will be verified after 2 weeks of observation. The protocol is part of a highly anticipated multi-phase launch to commence on 02:00 UTC on Dec. 15, 2021.

According to a blog post by the project team, the essence of the cBridge is to ensure a deeper liquidity pool that ensures that the demand for cross chain capabilities is accomplished.

We hope with the launch of these liquidity mining programs, cBridge will be able to bootstrap up to a deeper liquidity pool in order to accommodate the fast-growing demand for cross-chain asset bridging!

The mode of rewards for the miners released by the team indicates that the first 30-day session would have the participants in the mining pools rewarded with 22,000,000 CELR.

This distribution will be across the various chains and pools that participate in the liquidity mining program. The program intends to add more pools to the liquidity mining as more assets are added.

The rewards will also be adjusted down the line according to the rate of expansion of the program, level of liquidity at every point in time and the cross-chain transfers that take place over the period of time.

The table below shows the reward, supported chains and tokens. Existing liquidity producers should note that they do not need to take any actions to start accumulating rewards.


Chain Token Pool Total Reward During This Session (in CELR)
Ethereum ETH 593753
Ethereum USDT 1775342
Ethereum USDC 1775342
Avalanche ETH 593753
Avalanche USDT 1775342
Avalanche USDC 1775342
Arbitrum ETH 65973
Arbitrum USDT 197260
Arbitrum USDC 197260
Optimism ETH 65973
Optimism USDT 197260
Optimism USDC 197260
BSC ETH 593753
BSC USDT 1775342
BSC USDC 1775342
Polygon ETH 593753
Polygon USDT 1775342
Polygon USDC 1775342
Fantom ETH 593753
Fantom USDT 1775342
Fantom USDC 1775342


Author: Kamma

Kamma is passionate about the prospects of blockchain and the freedom cryptocurrencies afford people across borders. He holds small amounts of bitcoin and tether.