Centric Capital LTD: The Alarm Bells Ring When it is Guaranteed

Centric Capital LTD

I want to make money online. Don’t you? So here’s another opportunity presented by Centric Capital LTD for you to realize your dreams. It seems everything has been set and this is the investment that you’re waiting for.

But is it?

It is amazing that most of the scams out there morph based on what the fraudsters know that people expect.

For instance, they’re aware that if there is quick profit or easy money on the table, there are many that would fall for it. They also have learnt to cleverly copy successful exit scams and clone genuine investment sites.

Scam investment companies and fake coins are innovating, so it may not be easy for new investors to identify them, especially in the crypto space.

This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we advise people to always research before parting with their funds. We also teach people that you must not necessarily invest in cryptocurrencies alone to be in profit.

In fact, the days of massive profit from altcoins and even Bitcoins are nearly over. Granted, there is the projection and predictions that Bitcoin would be valued a lot in the future. This is good for hodlers holding a lot of coins. These whales can afford to wait it out but not many others, except perhaps traders.

So when you come across a site like Centric Capital LTD that promises quick profit, you should be wary or better still research.

You should have known this by now so let us do a background check on the site to determine why you should avoid being in a hurry to send your digital currency or funds to this site.

What is Centric Capital LTD?

This is a site that claims that it is backed by a team that plans to launch an ICO in the near future. It now encourages investors to get 1000 units of their cryptocurrency which they claim is valued at $10.

These investors are assured that they can also exchange the gifted coins and go ahead to invest in one of the investment plans of the company.

Centric Capital LTD

It further claimed that it is in the business of trading in the stock market and distributing profit to investors who invested in the company.

To assure you that your funds are safe, Centric Capital LTD asserts that any investor could withdraw their funds 10 days after investing if they have misgivings about the investment.

However, it avers that this would not be necessary considering that all its funds are secured, adding that investors’ funds are also insured.

Should You Trust This Site?

For a new investor in the crypto space, this may seem feasible since they’re not aware of the mechanics of ICO and coin listing. But for an experienced community member, this makes no sense at all.

For example, the cryptocurrency being gifted the visitor of the site and prospective investor is nonexistent. This is what we can glean from the content of the site:


So how did they know the value of a coin that is yet to be built on blockchain? It is actually a worthless token that exists only in the mind of the owner of the site.

Secondly, the fact that their token is yet to be built means that it has not been listed on an exchange so it cannot be exchanged as claimed by the site:


Who is Behind The Site?

It is astounding that a company that has no online or offline reputation is claiming what cannot be substantiated. From the search with Company House of the UK, the company was registered on January 6, 2020 and so could not have proven antecedence.

Centric capital LTDAlso, there is no evidence that it is managed by a team of professionals since its owner is not listed anywhere on the site.

What we have learned over time is that fraudulent investment sites never list the real identities of the people behind them. This is so because they are set up to turn exit scams and steal any funds collected from investors.

From the contact email at the base of the site, it claims that the director is one Garkisch Darius. However, a background check shows that Darius is a senior partner in an investment company Capstan Capital.

This company has no link with Centric Capital LTD. It is apparent that the fraudster behind Centric Capital LTD just stole his identity for their scam.

False Claim of Partnership

Centric Capital LTD

Scam investment sites are aware of the importance of social signal. They would stop at nothing to create the impression that they are reputable so they mostly lay false claims of partnerships with companies of repute.

This is exactly what Centric Capital LTD did. Some of the companies it claims to have partnership with are Dell, LG, Phillips, Bosch, Samsung and many others. A background check shows that these are false and spurious claims.

Choose And Lose

You would find the investment plans being sold on the site shows that you’re actually dealing with a high yield investment program (HYIP) here.

If you’re not aware what that means, it simply implies that you’re being lured to send money with the promise of doubling or tripling your funds in a short time. In reality, you’ll lose any money you send to the fraudsters.

Centric Capital LTD

No genuine business has the ability to consistently generate 0.8 to 1.4 percent of the capital invested on a daily basis. This is a ploy to deceive the uninformed.

Do You Need A Genuine Investment?

Sure they do exist if you search at the right places. The site I recommend would help you grow your funds through its copy trading system.

No, you must not be a trader to benefit from this. You just sign up, invest, then follow the recommendation of the editors on some of the best traders to copy.

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What is your experience with Centric Capital LTD? Let us know through the comment box below.



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

5 thoughts on “Centric Capital LTD: The Alarm Bells Ring When it is Guaranteed

  1. Adding to your point that it is a fraudulent website, it asks us to deposit minimum $10 to withdraw any payout from the investments we make.

    May 1 – To provide a background to the story, the website offers COINS on NEW REGISTRATION which can be converted to INVESTMENTS. This investment gives about $0.1 everyday (minimum 1$ redeem). Now, to redeem this *absolutely free balance*, we need to deposit $10 first. (what they call this is distinguishing genuine accounts from the bot accounts)

    May 10- It has paid out for a blogger (www.coolztricks.com) which apparently has a huge visitor base. The strategy was to pay out for a blogger who would post a blog about it which in turn would attract large number of victims.

    May 14- They are blocking the accounts immediately after depositing $10.

    May 17- Now, there is a newer update. It has blocked all the accounts and is asking the users to deposit atleast $15 to unlock their accounts and continue with investing,etc.

    Please be alert from these types of fraudulent websites.

  2. Spelling mistakes, no response to customer support emails. Suddenly asking you to invest $15 or the account will stay locked.

  3. Customer Support do not answer enquiries and there are spelling mistakes all over. Also they are now asking to make bitcoin payment before unlocking account.

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