CEO of Vechain, Sunny Lu Explains What is Blockchain


There are many people at a loss on how to explain the meaning of blockchain, but obviously not Sunny Lu, the Chief Executive Officer of Vechain.

In a recent interview shared by the VechainThor Community, Lu likened the distributed ledger technology to telling a girl that you love her.
According to him, if you told the girl that you love her when both of you were alone, you could actually deny that you did that.

But if you were in the company of a friend when you told her, to deny that you said it, you’ll need to convince your friend that to back you in your denial. This, according to Lu is a centralized system.

He said that if you told the girl that you love her in the company of many people that you don’t know, it becomes impossible for you to deny that said that since it would be impossible to convince strangers to lie for you. This is a decentralized system and the best way to explain blockchain.

Author: Zoran Spirkovski

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