Cloud Mcgovern Ltd – Connecting You To The Cloud?

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd

There are several mining sites that claim they are cloudmining services that investors can easily take advantage of and earn money. It is interesting that the proliferation of these sites have not coincided with new wealth creation through cloud mining.

Granted, crypto wealth has been a result of the revolution associated with digital currency but this has mainly been due to the early adopters of Bitcoin and similar coins which have appreciated in value. This is the scenario that sites such as Cloud Mcgovern Ltd have taken advantage of to promote their investment scheme.

Nevertheless, it is important to know the authenticity of the operation. So in this review, we shall take an in-dept search of the site and its operations to determine if it is a worthwhile venture to put funds in.

What is Cloud Mcgovern Ltd?

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd

This is a company that claims it is encouraging the crypto revolution by making it easy for people to earn Bitcoin through mining. It further claims to be a reseller of cooling equipment. As you may be aware, cooling system is an important component of mining.

It claims that its customers can get the best deals by purchasing mining plans from its services which has its data centers somewhere in Ireland.

The site claims they use the latest ASIC miners to generate profit and that investors would earn for ever for one time purchase. It also claims that the first payout is 12 hours after the payment of the customer has been confirmed with subsequent payments made automatically every day.

The copy of the site states:

“Mcgovern Cloud Cloud Mining offers an easy way to start mining instantly without a hassle. You can greatly reduce the costs, risks and trouble that comes up when you try to mine cryptocurrencies yourself.”

How Reliable is the Site?

The main challenge that users face is knowing which sites are reliable and those that cannot be trusted. For cloudmining, what is obvious is that there is no certain way of knowing those that are trustworthy unless you try them. However, identifying a fraudulent mining operation is easy. This is what we shall see in the following sections of this review.

Mining Made Easy?

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd

One of the red alerts that every investor should be aware of is that entities that make it seem that they easily make profit and share the same are mostly unreliable. For instance, plug-in-and-profit-immediately sites are most likely scams because there is no business that assures you quick easy profit consistently.

It is even more improbable when the all investors are assured of the profit if they invest specific amount of money. No business has the capacity to pay large profits to every investor who is interested in putting their funds in the investment.

Cloud Mcgovern claims that immediately the investor pays for the contract, their order is sent to BitFury mining data center located in Europe and the investor could make withdrawals of freshly mined coins the same day. As good as this may sound, it is very improbable.

Mining operations just do not work that way. Mining is very competitive these days that it may take days or weeks for a cloudminer to make enough profit to make withdrawals.

Scammers use prospects of quick profit to lure people into sending their funds to such scam investment sites. They use strategies such as quick returns, high returns and experience in business to deceive such uninformed users.

False Promises of Returns

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd

The plans advertised by the Cloud Mcgovern site are all unrealistic and unrealizable. It is easy to see through the sham if you’re an experienced investor or knowledgeable in cryptocurrency mining.

The first plan valued $30 claims you would earn $16.5 daily. This means that you would recover your funds in two days and be in profit. How possible is this? It is not. In reality, real mining operation would take months before you recover your investment. That is in a scenario where you’re are using top-of-the-range ASIC miners.

There are other mining plans with outrageous claims meant to deceive the uninformed and gullible. This is why it is important that every investor educate themselves about what offers they’re presented with.

The deceit of this site is thorough. The $500 plan claims the investor would receive $275 daily. This bait is set in a way that the investor bites and lose their money.

Who is Behind the Site?

Fraudulent sites never provide the identity of the owners. At best, they steal the identity of others and claim such individuals own the company.

We can see a number of testimonies purportedly from the users of the site. It can be shown that these are faked identities and that the so-called testimonies are forged by the owner of the site.

One of the supposed testifiers, Marco wrote:

“Happy 2019, thank you Mcgovern Cloud. You are the best and most profitable platform. Happy earning with you”

You can bet your last dollar that is one fake testimonial, but do not take my word for it. A reverse search for the photo of the so-called satisfied customer shows that it is fake. The image is a stock photo that was taken from the internet and named “Marco” by the fraudster owner of Cloud Mcgovern Ltd.

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd

Cloud Mcgovern LtdYou can also bet that all the other images and testimonies on the site are all faked.

Fake Certificate of Incorporation

The certificate the company claims bears Claire Mcgovern and was incorporated in July 2017. A Whois reach shows that Cloud Mcgovern domain was registered two years later on October 11, 2019. This shows that these are different entities.

Scammers usually use certificates to create impression that they have legitimate businesses but in reality, anyone can get these certificates by either making payments for them or stealing documents belonging to other businesses and registering a similar domain.

Cloud mcgovern ltd

Cloud Mcgovern Ltd


Cloud Mcgovern Ltd is an active and ongoing scam. Investors should avoid sites like that. There are better investment sites that could help you grow your assets through careful investment. Genuine sites are regulated, their owners are known, they do not promise overnight wealth but a progressive growth that would make you comfortable or rich down the line

The investment site that I recommend is the social trading site that enables inexperienced investors to copy the investment of recommended experts and get the same result. You can sign up here and follow the investor recommended by the site.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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  1. I invested 30 usd and nothing happen. Long conversation that leads to ask you to invest additional amount for you to receive a server name and password for you to start “mining”. I sent additional amount of 77 usd then they send me the server name and password and again, nothing happened. I asked for a refund but they did not reply ever since.

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