Cointrade Invest – Catching Up With the Scams

There are many sites that are stealing people’s money through by being advertised as crypto investment sites. The sites take advantage of the fact that there are many people who know next to nothing about how cryptocurrencies work, so they capitalize on people’s ignorance.

Crypto scams can rightly be classified as an albatross on the industry because there are many that either perpetrate or support it in one form or the other as we shall see with the Cointrade Invest site.

However, the interesting thing about this site is that it is relatively new, so getting to know about it now is a good idea as we strive to stop scams.

What is Cointrade Invest?

For a scam investment site, Cointrade Invest is easy to identify because of the shoddily put up site. It is possible that the owners are in a hurry to partake in the crypto scam scheme or they are still learning.

The absence of enticing web copy and even poorly scripted content shows that these are people that are new in crypto scam. For example, in introducing the business, they wrote,

“Each our sold share – One more step to perfection LTD – new technology shares hedging of futures contracts and start-up investments on the basis of intelligent monitoring of global indices, as well as «predatory trading» technologies.”

Apparently, they think that high sounding grammar would convince people to make deposits. Nevertheless, do not discountenance even the most mundane-looking site because in any case, they always seem to manage to convince some gullible people and steal their money.

How Long Has Cointrade Invest been Online?


One interesting fact about Cointrade-invest is that the site is still very new, at less than a week old, the scammers behind it may still be building it out and do not be surprised that the gullible would be convinced that this is a genuine investment site.

At Cryptoinfowatch, we have always given you clues on how to identify scam sites. If you apply this principles and factors, you would not lose your funds to cybercriminals such as those behind Cointrade-invest.

High ROI – A Hallmark of Crypto Scams

Cointrade invest

For instance, a site that promises to pay you 3% to 8% daily for a term of 100 days is a sure scam. The owners have planned to accumulate as much as they can while raising the hope of the investors through fake updates and funds in accounts that cannot be withdrawn.

Investors have had experiences of having their hopes dashed by making deposits with such scam sites hoping that they would get the promised ROI when the investment is full-term, but most are disappointed when they are unable to make withdrawals when they hoped they would.

A Sure Way to Lose Your money

Some scammers even shut out the investors of attempts to withdraw responds indefinitely with “processing…”

This is a reason to never send your funds to scam sites. In fact, 99 percent of all crypto investment sites are scams. The rule is that any sites promising you quick wealth has the intention of stealing from you.

Bitcoin and most crypto are money and you do not make money by sending a little fraction to every site that promises you quick wealth. It just doesn’t work that way. No business is set up to distribute money to everyone that signs up through their site.

Most scam crypto sites claim they are either involved in mining or trading. The genuine miners and traders cannot even offer you more than 15 percent of their profit but that is not even the issue.

How do you know an investment site that would not steal your money?

Why You Should Avoid

Cointrade Invest has nothing assuring that should make you trust the site. It is a very new site that has no online reputation. It is promising high ROI and for a new business, it makes no sense. The owners are not known so you are effectively sending your coins to some shady individuals behind the site – a sure way to incur losses.


Scammers are getting very audacious because there are so many people who would not care to think things through before sending their hard-earned money to strangers half-way across the globe.

Cointrade Invest is a confirmed on-going scam. For a genuine investment, check here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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