Cosmos Rewards Project Contributors With Grants


Blockchain project teams usually comprise individuals working from different parts of the world. Most times, these are people who have never met but are driven by passion to build a vision and reify it on the distributed ledger technology.

Cosmos, the secure blockchain that builds a scalable network on which developers can build decentralized applications announced on February 24 that it will reward contributors who have shown uncommon commitment to the Cosmos project with grants.

This is in appreciation of the work done by such contributors in advancing the Cosmos network. According to the release, these community members did not solicit for the reward, neither were they expecting it.

In a Medium post by the Cosmos team, it was stated that:

“These Community Contributors neither asked for funds nor applied for any such grants. They were simply chosen because they each took the initiative to build their respective communities out of passion for the project. All we did was take note.”

The idea was to reward these individuals who made contributions without the expectation of profit and recognize them as ambassadors of the Cosmos brand.

The release stated that each contributor that was recognized was rewarded with $1000-$3000 in Q1 of 2020. They have also been onboarded as members of All in Bits Inc. which enables them get reimbursed for future expenses they incur for organizing regional and country Cosmos meet-ups and conferences.

The basic criterion for selection was a remarkable work done for the Cosmos project that got the individual noticed. This could be a blog post, meetups organized and technical contribution.

All are people who have been part of the Cosmos network for at least 3 months and “are knowledgeable about the breadth of instruments that are used for composing interoperable application-specific blockchains (e.g. Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, IBC, Peggy, etc.)”.

The recognized work would be an on-going effort and not just a one-off attempt. So community members with long-term commitment to Cosmos were mostly rewarded.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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