CPU Get- Is This Cloudminng Or Adsense Cheat Strategy?


People are getting really innovative in the quest to make money that it takes discernment to know what is genuine and what’s not, especially in the cryptocurrency sphere where there are mainly novel concepts. In this post, we shall view a service, CPU Get that seems to incorporate a lot of things to make money.

It is important that before you make any investments in any field that you conduct some research to understand the basics of what that investment entails. Otherwise, you would discover that you had just wasted the funds or even passed it on to scammers who are the main beneficiaries of investor ignorance.

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What is CPU Get?

CPU Get is supposedly a cloudmining site that takes advantage of the unused portions of the CPU to mine bitcoins for the user. The company claims that it could do this without the need for the users doing anything else since the mining is automatic.

However, it has been proven that cloudmining is no longer profitable, especially for Bitcoin. This is why you should be suspicious of any cloudmining service that promises that they can help you make profit.

The reality of today’s cloudmining is that it is neither profitable or worth the time and effort invested in it, so most cloudmining services are mostly tailored for long term investment or as a hobby.

So why is CPUGet Mining?

There are two reasons why this site could be involved in a mining operation if it is actually involved in cloudmining activity. The first is script mining which involves using the CPU of the visitor to mine.

Even though this is not profitable, the result could add up when there are many users on the site. Even at that, the result for the individual user whose machine was used to mine would be quite low.

In effect, cloudmining is still not profitable assuming it doesn’t have damaging effects on your device hard drive.

Adsense Cheat

Another reason why CPUGet is striving to attract users is that they are interested in generating traffic for the website. They have carefully monetized the site with Google adsense and for every user, it is required that they click at least three ads on the site to qualify for earning.


What does that tell you? It means that the owners are intentionally cheating the Google Ad system in their quest to make more earnings. In reality, this is the reason for the site and not the imaginary bitcoin cloud mining as projected by the site.

In other words, all the activities around the site are geared towards having people click on the adverts displayed on it. If the cloudmining service is actually working, there would have been no need to use it as a click bait to get users click on the Google ads.

This is basically cheating Google even though the company is not complaining. What we have is another time-wasting site that promises users that there is money to be made through its cloudmining service but in reality, the only one that makes money on this site is the owner.

Waste of Time

Bitcoin dust or satoshi is barely worth the while of the user because it’ll take a very long time before substantial earnings are generated. The only reason anyone should take sites like this seriously is if they are in it for fun and not to earn money.

At the rate the site generated bitcoins, it could take a full year before you could buy a cup of coffee with the coins generated from this site.


Target is Traffic

The real essence of this site is to generate traffic for the owners because their real source of earning is Google Adsense. So signing up and hoping that you would earn a lot of money is a pipe dream.

There are better ways of earning bitcoins these days and cloudmining is certainly not one of them. If in doubt, please check our main recommendation for earning bitcoin or any other financial assets that you’re interested in.


Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in bitcoin mining, it is not worth your while. Hanging around cloudmining services is a total waste of time. CPUGet is just interested in wasting your time clicking on its ads. You don’t make money that way. Bitcoin is money.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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