Crypto Bank – Is This A Real Bank That’ll Make You Money?

Crypto Bank

We came across Crypto Bank and were struck by the fact that it has a queer domain name, That is what you would not expect from a bank since they always go for what would impress their customers. You know the saying that you use money to get money. A bank would definitely not go for a dot info.

We still were thrilled to know that this site claims to be a crypto bank so we resolved to know what sort of banking services it renders, but alas it is not quite what you think. So in this post, we shall examine Crypto Bank to let you know what to expect if you decide to deal with this site.

What is Crypto Bank?

This is more of an investment site than any other thing that you expect. The site claims that the company is involved in trading and mining of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto BankIn its introduction, it stated that:

“Crypto Bank ( is a personal, lawfully registered on-line investment firm with the goal of earning the best profit potential from Cryptocurrency market. We’ve got a team of skilled traders, money analysts, and risk managers WHO are operating in this field for over five years. Usually our profits comes [sic]from four completely different markets. Majority of the the profit attained by trading and mining Bitcoins in our massive information center in Panama and Japan. Our goal is to provide all users no matter age, location, Investment technology or expertise a chance to participate in Cryptocurrency market”.

This leads to the suspicion that the name was meant to attract investors by linking the site to banking operation. In other words, if you’ve created the impression that you’re dealing with a financial institution such as a bank, it makes you mentally associate it with people that hold a lot of money. So why wouldn’t you invest with such site and make some profit?

How Reliable is This Site?

There is no reason to believe that anyone who sends their funds to this site would make money or even get back their money. We have come across hundreds of sites which claim that they are involved in mining or trading of several commodities which ended up stealing money from people who made deposits with them.

At the base of the Crypto Bank website, you would see where it invites the user to check its status on a site that monitors high yield investment programs. That the site admits that it is a HYIP means that it is meant to steal funds deposited with it down the line.

Crypto BankInterestingly, the link is a dead link which was meant to make users believe that the owners has a point to prove.

Where Are The Miners?

Crypto Bank is among the many sites that claim that they are mining cryptocurrencies. Yet, they never provide evidence to prove those claims.

Miners rarely ask strangers, especially retail investors for funding or investment deposit. This is because mining operation is serious business and those that are involved in it know what they’re doing.

No miner goes around soliciting for funds from people that they do not know and who do not know who they’re sending funds to.

Could you imagine Bitmain setting up a site like what you have with Crypto Bank and start asking that investors buy some mining plans? If they did, people would actually buy because they’re known to be a serious business.

However, sites like Crypto Bank are shady because their owners are not known. Also, they have not built online reputation that would make them credible before investors. This means that anyone investing with this site would definitely lose money.

Low Quality Content

Take a close look at the content of the Crypto Bank site. What you would notice is a site that seems to be hurriedly set up by some amateur web developer.

Crypto BankThere are several grammatical and typographical errors that make it clear that this is not an established business managed by professionals.

In reality, one of the signs with which scams are identified is the quality of content on the site. We are not disproving the fact that there are well polished sites that are set up by more experienced fraudsters. This is not one of them.

What Risks Do You Face?

It should be clear by now that sending your funds to this site is high risk venture. This is despite the fact that it has been online for extended period of time. Bear in mind that even HYIP monitoring sites are of the opinion that the right time to risk your money on these scams is when they’re new.

This is foolhardy because the intention of the fraudsters who set them up is to steal the funds of the investors down the line. Do not assume that because you invested early means that you would make any gains at all.

The fraudsters would never pay you any profit or even return your funds if it was substantial. We have had reports of people who lost thousands of dollars because they thought that a fraud site such as this would help them make profit just because they claimed to be new investment sites.

High yield investment programs are no investments at all but are scams meant to deceive the gullible and uninformed and steal their money.

High Yield Investment Scam

Crypto BankYou can see that Crypto Bank offers returns that are as high as 5000 percent in 100 days. This is just not feasible by any standards. No company has the ability to make such gains talk less paying it to any investor.


A site whose owner is anonymous or uses false identity is not qualified to solicit for investment from investors. That no one knows the owner of Crypto Bank means that they intentionally concealed their identity because their operation and business is illegal.

Never send funds to such random sites. There are genuine investment sites that would help you grow your assets through social trading. By social copy trading, it means that you copy experts and get the result that they get. This is far better than risking your funds with scams. You can check the site that we recommend here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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  1. it is inevitable that these sites and similar operation like them which claims to be HYIP are total scam which tends to operating on ponzi scheme, a known fraudulent investment scam. Unfortunately fear of of missing out a substantial gain in today crypto world leads many to invest in such site blind fully without doing their research first and being in the impression that anything to do with crypto currency especially Bitcoin means high return for the investors. these bubble type of operation may last for few months or in certain cases maybe a year as the sustainability of promised return is alone a big question mark to consider as there is no economic logic can support a return like this for life time. However I came across with moderate type of investment plan with reasonable return on depositing assets with them which to me they seems to be more genuine that these type of operation.

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