Crypto Crown: Warning About An Obvious Scam

Crypto Crown

It is easy to presume that everyone who knows about cryptocurrency would identify an obvious scam when they see one. What we have noticed over time is that there are many, especially people who are new to the industry that are easily deceived by the many scams such as Crypto Crown.

This is a site that promises to double the investment of the user in 24 hours. Why anyone would believe that it is possible to double their assets in a short time is strange.

What we are talking about is that there are sites that are obvious scams but still manage to deceive people to send funds to them. This is because these people do not understand the concept of cryptocurrency. They are unaware that coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others as means of exchange are money. And so cannot be picked off the ground like they pick berries off the shelf of a supermarket.

Crypto Crown

According to Crypto Crown, doubling your funds in a day is a sure deal. They claim that the owner would get an automatic withdrawal of their doubled funds in 24 hours. This is clearly a scam targeting people who are uninformed about cryptocurrencies.

For the avoidance of doubt, any funds sent to this site would be lost, so it is best that new investors learn about the concept of digital currencies to understand investment sites that are trustworthy.

A Ponzi?

Crypto Crown

The Crypto Crown site claims that it is a ponzi scheme which doesn’t really generate funds but receive donations from people in a transparent manner. What is obvious from the site however is that there is no transparency in what it is doing.

For starters, the owner is not known. This is a trait of scam investment sites. Why would a serious investor send their funds to strangers behind the web? The site claims that it has a real office and registration number but this is obviously a false assertion.

“The official registered company in the UK. CRYPTO-CROWN LIMITED, Company Number: #12517425.”

No Evidence of Registration

Crypto Crown

A search of the Company House database shows that the registration number 12517425 belongs to another entity, Winfield Care Agency limited. It is obvious that information on the Crypro Crown site is meant to deceive uninformed investors.

It is important to know that even if a company is registered, it doesn’t mean that its operations are legitimate. There are thousands of sites registered daily backed by dubious companies. Fraudsters register companies to give their operations the façade of dignity and legitimacy. Their primary aim is still to defraud people.

Fake Transaction Data

Crypto Crown

This is a common feature of scam investment sites. You can see transaction ids on the site that were randomly pulled from blockchain networks and elsewhere. It is obvious that a site that isn’t producing or rendering any service cannot possibly have the capacity to pay any investors.

Crypto Crown claims that it pays 25 percent affiliate commission to promoters of the site. There is no reason why anyone should promote a scam such as this. However, we are aware that there are people who knowingly advertise scams with the hope that they would lure people in and benefit from the payment they receive from the fraudsters.

This is a dishonest way of making money. It is important to know that the main beneficiary of scams is the fraudster that owns it. Promoting a scam site is actually helping a fraudster to defraud people. The bad news is that the affiliate has no guarantees that they would be paid by the crook that owns the scam site.


Whether you’re an investor or a promoter, there are better ways of making money without investing your funds, time or resources in a scam. Genuine investment sites wouldn’t make you overnight riches, but you will see remarkable progress.

For the site that we recommend, you can make gains by taking advantage of the copy trading feature. This will help you grow your assets by copying the trades of experienced traders in the platform. This sure beats losing your assets.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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