Crypto Harbor – Every Fraudster Wants To Sound Sophisticated

Crypto Harbor

Crypto Harbor is one of the latest HYIPs that promises to make their users rich within a very short period of time. They claim to use a form of automated business model which claims to guarantee users a sustainable profit without necessarily doing anything.

If you are not a novice in the world of Crypto, then you need no prophet to tell you that their claim is totally false. Their hilarious profit system is already a clear indicator of their scamming nature.

I was really stunned at the extent they go just to convince investors to deposit money under their platform. What do you expect from a site that claims that it will change your view of cryptocurrency which it termed “the future of humanity”?

Fraudsters Want to Sound Sophisticated

In their quest to convince the visitors to their site that they really know what they are doing. The site went to a long rambling about blockchain, even though in practice, renders no service that is related to the technology.

According to the site,

“Blockchain technology presents great opportunities for the society and it can be used in various fields of the human activities and in different industries. Blockchain allows storing safely the information on the remote servers and devices located around the world.

The information stored on the blockchain cannot be hacked, forged or changed in any way. Data security plays a crucial role in today’s world. Blockchain provides the maximum security with the cheapest costs and most affordable tools.”

Insomuch that we do not contest any of the statements above, it is totally unrelated to what the site is offering. In fact, the Crypto Harbor site would pass more for a gaming site than investment.

What is Crypto Harbor?

This is a site that claims that it is involved in investment with cryptocurrency startups and trading of crypto assets. A close look at the site shows that there is no evidence that this is a genuine investment site involved in trading activities or any other type of investment for that matter.

It also stated that it is involved in the development of technological startups without providing evidence that shows that this is so. It also claimed that it has a mechanism that would ensure that the investments of investors are protected.

What we have learnt from months of reviewing scams is that fraudsters use all strategies to convince people that they are assured of profit. This is contrary to the assertion of genuine investment sites which would rather make it clear to you that your investment may be at risk.

It is safe to posit that the quickest way to identify a scam is the sort of assurance they give and the sort of returns they promise the investor.

Here are some of the findings that should warn any investor that depositing their funds with this site would result in losses:

No Supporting information

We know that all platforms that raise money for investments are closely regulated by agencies such as FCA if they have UK users and the SEC if the investors are in the United States. A background check on Crypto Harbor did not show any information linking it to any country. This means that they are operating illegally. 

Even in these days of decentralization, a project should have a team that are located in several praces and identifiable. This is a floating site that has no substance. 

Doubtful Operational Model

The site claims the company makes money by trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. But the sort of ROI they’re pandering is not obtainable, applicable or tenable to the crypto industry even at its peak. Even though mining cryptocurrency is a profitable venture, no one makes such profits as claimed by the site irrespective of level of expertise.

Crypto Harbor claims to have excellent track record in trading without providing proofs. They don’t have any trading history to show and there is no serious information on the site to be validated.

Investment Plans is Ridiculous

Crypto HarborAccording to the website, an investor gets minimum return of 1% of their investment daily for 20 business days. It sounds exciting and compelling but experientially it is unrealistic. Even if they have the capacity to give this comical return, the fact still remains that they would use their own funds to do that and take the profit for themselves.

They’re offering this to the uninformed in their bid to steal the funds deposited to them. Every smart investor ignores sites like this because promises of huge profits are bait used by fraudsters to steal from people.

All Images Are Computer Generated

Crypto HarborWhen you come across scam sites, the most recurring feature is that the owners are never identifiable people. The sites may list people as the executives of the company but their identities never stand serious scrutiny.

In the case of Crypto Harbor, no team was listed on the site. Rather, it used some computer-generated images on the site. This is a clear scam alert that no one should miss.


My conclusion here is that, from the above stated evidence, it is so clear that Crypto Harbor is just another scam that has the intention of generating traffic and fleeing with the funds of investors.

Genuine investment sites are regulated by appropriate authorities. Their executives are known and their operations are carried out based on set compliance regulations.

It will interest you to know that the owners of this very platform are unknown as such even if they flee with your money you will not be able to track them down. This is enough reason why you should stay away from Crypto Harbor. Check here for the investment that we recommend.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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