Crypto Infinitum – Much Ado about Masternode Investment

Crypto Infinitum

Every investor needs a lot of information on what ventures they’re planning to put their money in. This is even so with the rise in opportunities in cryptocurrencies as there are many schemes and sites that contend for your funds such as Crypto Infinitum.

One of the questions every circumspect investor should ask themselves is if the funds they are putting in a cryptocurrency investment site would yield expected dividend.

One sad reality is that there are many sites that their target is just to take the cryptocurrency of investors and make a runner, if you know what I mean. These sites usually would promise ROI that are enticing enough to make the investor buy their investment plan.

This is why it is very important that appropriate research and due diligence is conducted before making investment deposits on any site. In this post, we shall x-ray Crypto Infinitum, a site that promised to pay its investors certain profit for buying its investment plans.

The essence is to decide if this site is worth making investments with or not.

What is Crypto Infinitum?

Crypto InfinitumThe supposed company behind the Crypto Infinitum site claims to be involved in masternodes and cryptocurrency trading. It assured its customers of a long-term relationship in which they would make profit from their investments.

The company also stated that its emphasis is on helping the investors earn regular income through its educational and investment schemes that could be accessed through Telegram.

Investment Plans

The Crypto Infinitum site has 3 investment plans for its customers. These are the Silver, Gold and Diamond plans which are worth $100, $250 and $500 respectively. Each has tenure of 30 days after which the investor expects to be paid a profit of $20 for the Silver, $50 for the Gold and $100 for the diamond.

CryptoinfinitumEven though these are not outrageous ROI as could be seen with many scam sites, what is doubtful is that this site would pay the investor and return their capital.

We have been in this business of investigative review to know the risk involved in trusting sites like this. For example, masternodes are known not to be a good source of passive income especially in a bullish market such as we are experiencing in the coin market.

Also, there are no guaranteed ways of calculating the profit accruable to a masternode to ensure that that the investor would receive the projected income. Moreso, the revenue accruable to a masternode operator diminishes as more people get involved in setting up masternodes for a particular network.

This in effect means that your income reduces because the reward would be shared among many other masternodes. The fact that the site claims to be a masternode investment platform without taking cognizance of that fact makes it suspicious.

It could have been easier if these claims were during a bearish market when there were many investors moving funds from Bitcoin to other investment sources in cryptocurrency but not now.

Who is Behind Crypto Infinitum?

One of the hallmarks of genuine crypto projects that demand any type of investment from the community is that the team behind them is identifiable. For instance, ICO teams and their skills are usually are listed with social media links so that investors are convinced that they are dealing with real people.

Crypto Infinitum seems not willing to expose the identities of the people behind it and actually made a half-hearted effort at doing so.

Crypto InfinitumThe team members shown on the site used just avatars instead of their real photos. They did not add social media links showing that they may not be real IDs. This is a red signal that should tell an investor that their investment with this site may not be safe.

No Physical Address

Genuine investment sites should be regulated by relevant authorities. This is necessary to avoid misuse of investors’ funds. There is no gainsaying that this is a safeguard that every experienced investor looks out for. This is not available with Crypto Infinitum.

There is no clear indication of where the business is located debar a generic statement that it is housed somewhere in Panama. A Whois search of the domain shows that it was registered on May 29, 2019. This means that this is a new site and it is not encouraged that you entrust your funds to a site like this.

Crypto Infinitum


We have always maintained that the reason people lose a lot of money in the crypto industry is because they believe that it is easy to earn cryptocurrencies. The reality is that cryptocurrency is money and you don’t pick money off the ground like berries off the shelf of a supermarket.

Reports say that $1.36 billion worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen in the first 2 months of 2018. This should give you insight on what you are up against when you make arbitrary investment decisions without consulting experts or researching a business very well before sending funds to them.

This is why we recommend that investors who have knowledge of cryptocurrency trading make their investments themselves. Those without such skills should invest in social investment and copy trading sites like this one where they simply follow experts.

What experience have you had with Crypto Infinitum? You may share it with us using the comment box below.   


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