Crypto Influencer, Bitboy Crypto Twitter account hacked

A Twitter account with a million followers is obviously worth protecting, but as they say, you cannot do what you cannot do. This could be the reason Bitboy Crypto’s Twitter account was hacked. The hacker apparently gained access to the influencer’s Twitter account, although it seemed that they had more malicious intentions.

Luckily for the influencer, he was able to recover his hacked account within a short period of time and announce to his followers that he is back. Meanwhile, some of his followers said that they suffered losses on account of the hack, while others blamed him for not having appropriate 2FA on his Twitter account.

In a post about the hack, Ben Armstrong, the owner of the Twitter account, said that it was an insider who gained access through his SIM card. He went on to say that he plans to sue the telecom company.

Why wallets were not compromised

In the post, he wrote,

“The hacker got into my Twitter account through a SIM card swap.” It was an inside job at Verizon. This was confirmed at the Verizon store. We will be suing them. My phone number was not attached to my email account, which is the only reason none of my wallets were compromised.”

The telecom company’s support on Twitter quickly responded, asking the influencer to reach out to them, possibly to thrash out any issues regarding the hack.

A follower said that he lost some of his digital assets to the hacker. @legbyte wrote,

“Please make your followers whole, @Bitboy_Crypto. I lost all of my money because of this hack. I had about 23.5 billion BEN, which I had since the presale. I know that’s not a lot for you, but it is for my family. Yes, I made a mistake, but please understand it was your account.”

No proper 2FA

Lisa N. Edwards was concerned that Bitboy Crypto didn’t have appropriate two-factor authentication that secured his Twitter account. She wrote:

“Why don’t you have proper 2FA?” To date, Twitter has three methods of 2FA: text message, authentication app, and security key. Seems like insanity to use a phone SMS for this.”

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.