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If you’re thinking of building a great blockchain or cryptocurrency project, one of the most important skills you need is that of a cryptocurrency writer. 

This is a distinct skill from that of a regular content writer since it is quite specialized due to the peculiarities and the novel nature of the crypto industry.

There are many blockchain projects that have failed despite being technically sound. the reason for their failure may not necessarily be the dearth of the so-called techno-economy but simply because some project teams do not understand the importance of hiring a cryptocurrency writer that has in-depth understanding of the crypto industry.

cryptocurrency writerThe same is applicable to initial coin offerings that overlook this aspect of project development – hiring writers that are specialists in crypto content.

Don’t Let Your Project Fail

This is one of the reasons there have been project failures resulting from plagiarized whitepapers. What happens in most of these cases is that project team hire run-of-the-mill freelancers who do not understand the inner workings of crypto space.

These freelancers in a bid to deliver on jobs that are not clear to them sometimes work with templates thereby robbing the project of its requisite uniqueness.

Hire A Professional Crypto Writer for Your Whitepaper

The unprofessional ones among them copy portions of other ICO whitepapers costing the project its chances of establishing itself before investors as a unique solution to a problem.

The consequence of such costly mistakes is that the plan for a crowdsale flops even before it gets off the ground simply because the team made the error of judgement of thinking that the coin market and community is one that ‘outsiders’ understand its workings.

A Community Skeptical About New Projects

One fact not lost to members of the crypto community is that there are many teams and project that have no business selling tokens to investors because they are either scammers or selling what is colloquially known in the community as sh-t coin.

This has made the cryptocurrency community very skeptical about new unproven projects. So for an initial coin offering to be successful, among other factors the team must hire professional crypto writers to create flawless content in all their publicity medium such as whitepaper and website.

Non Crypto Writer Hired for Crypto Project

Cryptoinfowatch as a crypto news and review site carries out investigative research on why many ICOs fail. One of the recurring factors is the use of content writers that are not specialists in cryptocurrency.

That is why we have been providing the best crypto writing service to meet the demands and aspiration of the industry not just for new projects such as ICOs and coins, but also for crypto websites.

We Write And SEO

You will agree with me that the crypto industry despite being new is fiercely competitive. To build a serious online presence, you do not only need a good crypto writer, you also need one that has good experience of SEO.

Our crypto writing service as Cryptoinfowatch meets both objectives of not just creating relevant crypto content, but also building the reputation of crypto websites by making them relevant and of course profitable for webmasters.

Every Type of Crypto Content

Our writing services cover all aspects of cryptocurrencies such as initial coin offerings and news about specific projects. For instance, when a team plans to launch a blockchain, cryptocurrency or an ICO, they may hire us to write every content regarding such projects.

We go a step further by ensuring that such projects get organic exposure through optimization. The team is free to hire marketing teams that we can collaborate with in content creation to ensure the success of the project.

Market Analysis

There are very few accurate market analysts in the crypto industry. The reality of the situation is that no one can always accurately predict the direction the market trend will move. Nevertheless, at Cryptoinfowatch, we collaborate with the best analysts in the market to give our clients the most up to date spot market analysis.

Order News Content As They Break

Building a crypto news site is not a day’s job. It demands writing and publishing accurate and engaging news content. This is one of our specialties as we work hard to supply relevant news content to our clients. We are instrumental in building many news and review sites.

Investigative Journalism

If you have been around the crypto industry for some time, you will agree with me that one aspect of reviews that is in short supply is investigative.

We routinely review crypto projects for clients and also go further to publish investigative reviews of crypto projects to enable the community and investors have access to critical information about some of the most popular projects, especially those planning crowdsale.

Order Writings And Reviews

Clients are free to order reviews about any projects they are intersted in, our job is to write great crypto-related content that meets your aspirations and help you succeed in your quest. 

So what sort of content do you need? Our research team of crypto writers are on ground to create any sort of content that are relevant to your site or whitepapers as well as help you ensure that they are made visible to search engines such as Google and Bing.

Our crypto writing covers all facets of the industry, so even if you’re operating a Bitcoin mixing service or a faucet, I’m sure that you have a crypto writing need that we can meet.


Our fees are affordable irrespective of the scope of your project. Anyway, it is obvious that no serious business will prefer below par crypto writing service. That’s why we encourage you to talk to us no matter what you need to be written.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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