CryptoEarning Ltd – When Fraudsters Offer Loans

CryptoEarning Ltd

Getting a reliable investment program on the internet is a tough call. This is mainly due to the fact that schemes are created daily with the intention of ripping off investors who are not well informed about the workings of the industry.

In this post, we shall look at Cryptoearning Limited, a site that claims that it is helping investors to generate profit through its activities in the cryptocurrency industry.

The objective is to ascertain the veracity of these claims so that the investors are not taken unawares by the outcome of their investments. The Securities and Exchange Commission highlights the need for investor education to reduce the risks of losing invested funds.

What is CryptoEarning Ltd?

CryptoEarning LtdThis is a company that claims that it is involved in the trading of cryptocurrencies using experienced and professional traders that result in positive outcome.

In other words, the trading activities of these traders are so successful due to the synergy of the traders that they’re now viewing increased capital to enable them make even more profit.

According to the site:

“The Company combined efforts of successful traders, which dramatically increased the effectiveness of their work. Combination of capitals also paid off and allowed to increase the volume of transactions.

Further development of the company implies attracting additional investments from individuals or legal entities, which will allow in coming out to a higher level of operation.”

Despite the claims, what we have noticed over the months is that there are many sites that are established with the sole aim of convincing investors to send coin deposits to them.

What you have to understand is that making deposits of your cryptocurrency to a strange site give you no control of what happens to your investment because you have no way of recovering them if something goes wrong.

Another thing we have noticed as scam investigators is an increasingly recognizable patter in which sites make similar claims that are not substantiated and give potential investors the impression that there is profit for all investors, but this turns out to be a bait to steal investment deposits.

Who is Behind This Site?

CryptoEarning LtdOne feature of most fraud sites is that the identities of their owners are not known. The reason is obviously that they would not want to be caught by the law enforcement for defrauding people. This is why every investor must avoid dealing with any sites that have anonymous owners.

A look around the site shows that it made no effort to list the owner of managers of the purported trading fund. This is very suspicious and should ordinarily be the red flag to warn any investors that this is a scam.

The company was registered as Crypto Earning Ltd. As weird as the name is, its registration document shows that it was incorporated on September 21, 2019, which is less than two weeks ago.

Its registered office address is 128 Crown Street, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, W1G 7DH while the director’s name was given as Lewis Albert.
a search of the identity of this individual met a brick wall, as there are no social profiles that proved that this is a real identity of the owner.

We came to the conclusion that this is a faked ID meant to deceive people that they’re dealing with a real company. This is just a quest to fool people into making investment deposit to fraudsters behind this site.

A Fake Office Address

CryptoEarning LtdWe made a search of the registered address as seen with the Company House and realized that 128 Crown Street, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, W1G 7DH does not exist. In fact, a search of this address with common search engines shows that it is a figment of the fraudster’s imagination.

Thousands of fraud companies are registered weekly as fraudsters strive to create an air of legitimacy to their scams. This is why we always advise investors not to be deceived by the fact that a company was registered.

Registration of a business is not a stamp of legitimacy since cyber criminals are known to register their companies used as fronts to steal from people.

Plagiarized Content

CryptoEarning LtdCryptoEarning LtdOne feature sometimes found in scam investment sites is using content culled from other sources without attribution. Most scammers would simply copy content from other websites because they’re too lazy to create theirs.

This shows that the sites they run and the companies behind them were not built with original ideas and vision but cloned by people who are eager to make quick profit off the uninformed.

High Yield Investment Scam

CryptoEarning LtdAs a rule, you should consider any site that gives you the impression that it would make you rich a scam. In real world, nobody would make you rich for doing nothing or just because you made a deposit. Promising you that your fund would be doubled in a short time is a strategy employed by fraudsters to get your money.

CryptoEarning Ltd claims that it would pay the investor 110 percent of their investment and higher. This means that the company is claiming it would double whatever funds that the investor deposits in just 24 hours. Higher plans lay claims of up to 1500 percent in 10 days.

These are attempts to get the investor to make deposits. However, that would be to their loss because this entity does not intend to pay the returns promised.

A Fraudulent Loan Scheme

This scam goes further by having a loan scheme which claims to lend funds to borrowers. Of course, the target of this lending scheme is collateral theft. The borrower is expected to deposit crypto funds as collateral to secure their loan. But when the coins are deposited as collateral, no loans would be given them by the company.

Features of A Scam

CryptoEarning LtdWe have seen the pattern in which sites claims that people are making deposits and withdrawals, but these are not authentic data, but figures cooked up to convince new prospects to invest. This is the case with CryptoEarning Ltd.

A site that lied about its age and duration of operation has possibly lied about everything else because its purpose is to deceive investors. It claims that it has been online for 3930 days but a Whois search shows that the domain was registered on September 24, 2019 which means that it is less than 15 days online.

CryptoEarning Ltd


Fraudsters take advantage of the fact that many investors do not crosscheck information provided by fraud sites. No one would give you money for doing nothing.

Strange sites that are not regulated are channels through which people lose hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. Your best bet to grow your assets is taking advantage of known and regulated investment sites. Check our top recommendation.

What impression do you have about sites like this? Please share your opinion using the comment box below. You can also recommend sites that we should investigate using the contact form above.



Author: Jofor Humani

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