Cryptonline Vault – A Fraudster Clones Many Sites: Fake Reviews and High ROI As Baits

Getting a good investment site comes with its own challenges because there are many sites out there that’ll try to steal your funds. This is why it is important that you research adequately before sending funds to any sites that promise you a great ROI such as Cryptonline Vault.

Bear in mind that making promises is easy. Setting up a good-looking site is also easy. What you won’t get easily is a site that fulfills its promises to its investors.

In reality, many investment sites you would encounter online are more interested in convincing you to deposit your funds than they are in ensuring that you make profit from your investment. Let’s see how Cryptonline Vault measures up, based on the information on the site and the data culled online about it.

What is Cryptonline Vault?

According to the site, the company is registered in the UK and has been operational since 2015. It stated that Cryptonline Vault operates “with the prime objective of developing productive enterprises of the country through the provision of lease financing and subsequently diversified in other allied financial services.”

It claimed that it has authorization from the UK Company House to run a financial service as a financial institution and has been listed at the London Stock Exchange.

These are serious claims so we decided to check them up for veracity since approved financial institutions and listed companies are in public database.

A Faked Company House Certificate

The first information checked is the registration certificate that Cryptonline Vault claims ownership of. On the Company House database, the registration number, 11750907 which the site claimed belongs it was found to belong to another business, Crypto Assets Mining Company.

This is a clear indication that the information put up on the site were meant to mislead the investors. As if that is not enough, the company posted a dummy certificate with the intention to create the impression that the site has a genuine document for registration.

At Cryptoinfowatch, we have always maintained that having a registration certificate is not an evidence that the activities of a company are legitimate. There are many scam sites that were registered by fraudsters with the intention to defraud people.

Plagiarism Test

Scam sites sometimes copy sections of their web content from other sources either because the scammers are too lazy to write their own content or they are the owners of another scam site that has succeeded in stealing from people, so they see no need to change content that can deceive the site visitor.

Scanning the content of Cryptonline Vault through plagiarism checker shows that some sections of the site were copied from other sources as shown below:

“started its journey in 2015 with the prime objective of developing productive enterprises of the country through the provision of lease financing and subsequently diversified in other allied financial services.”

Cryptonline Vault


You can also see the result from scanning the home page that whole sections were copied from other websites without attribution.

Fake Testimonials

Getting genuine testimonials from a scam site isn’t easy because the owners would never use their photos. So they fake them. This is what Cryptonline Vault has done as seen from the images from the site.

The two supposed users of the service, Elmer Douglas and Danny Hawkins are faked identities and images of other people that have been taken from the internet. It is possible that Btc-gain, Helptohelpprofessional and Insta-profit, the other three scam sites that feature the same photos belong to the fraudster that owns Cryptonline Vault.

Scammers are known to move from fraud to fraud. These four sites even have the same script indicating that they were cloned from the same source. This shows that the fraudster that owns this site is so lazy that they won’t even put in the needed work to make their criminal activity look professional.

This is why as a rule you must not send your funds to a random site. In fact, don’t do it. There are genuine investment sites that have known professionals that have reputation to protect.

These sites have the appropriate regulatory authorities over them and comply with standard business practices. Scam sites generally would never reveal the identity of the owners. They would never offer you realistic returns but only present out-of-this-world returns to lure many investors.

Cryptonline Vault

Fake ROI

You can see that the site offers returns as high as 110 percent in 24 hours. Which genuine business would offer such returns? This is enough evidence that the person behind this site is a cyber crook trying to steal your money.

There are millions of people who do not fear God out there. They’ll simply do anything to steal what belongs to others.

This is why the Securities and Exchange Commission stated that what stands between you and your assets are the information that you have. The better equipped you are, the better you avoid fraudsters and keep your funds safe.


Fake Statistics

You can notice the Latest Deposits and Latest Withdrawals on the site. You can rest assure yourself that those are false stats meant to lure the user to make deposits thinking they’re dealing with a real business.

Fraud sites like this are too obvious to savvy investors. But these are not the people fraudsters target. They’re aware that there are many people that know nothing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who come online to make money. These are the ones they plan to defraud.


The best protection against cyber criminals is to research and always use reliable sites for your investments. Check reviews and deal with reputable companies.

The company we refer to our readers is this one where you could easily copy the trade of professional investors and get the same result. This is head and shoulder better than looking at what fraudsters have on their sites.

What is your opinion about Cryptonline Vault? Please let us know through the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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