Dash Developers Add New “Explore Dash” Feature On The Dash Mobile Wallet

The Dash Core Group announced on Wednesday, January 26 that it has added more features to the Dash wallet. These would enable users to know the locations of merchants that accept DASH and ATMs where DASH could be bought and sold.

The new features added to the Dash mobile application are merchant location maps and locations of Dash ATMs. This would enable holders of the wallet to access ATMs that support Dash and merchants nearby where they could pay with the cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency is supported by 260 exchanges and more than 100,000 merchants worldwide. The leading decentralized merchant payment solution can also be accessed in more than 6000 ATMs.

According to a blog post by the Dash Core Group, the new features give real-world utility to the users of the Dash wallet. This gives the user more opportunity to explore the opportunities offered within the Dash ecosystem through its wallet.

Brian Foster, the Head of Product at Dash Core Group said,

“The new Explore Dash feature will strengthen the acceptance and accessibility of Dash as the leading cryptocurrency for digital payments. It’s a significant step forward in user experience and will support our efforts towards achieving mainstream adoption. We have many additional features and improvements planned to expand the functionality with broader coverage in later releases.”

In the meantime, the release supports US merchants in DashDirect and more than 80 locations in Venezuela through CryptoBuyer. CryptoBuyer is a POS system that has already integrated with the Dash network.

Ben Weiss, the CEO of CoinFlip, the first ATM platform that was integrated with the Dash network expressed excitement that users of the wallet would access 3,500 CoinFlip ATMs in the US.

The new Explore Dash update is available for Android devices, it’ll be launched for iOS in Q1 of 2022.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.