Dash News: A New Partnership With IQ CashNow

Dash News

The Dash News platform has announced a new partnership that would see the platform extend its increasing market adoption. In a blog post released on September 5, the media stated that Dash would now be accessible through IQ CashNow, a payment processing platform that has 1000 merchant support across Europe and the United States.

Among the objectives of the partnership aside greater adoption for Dash and increased usage for IQ CashNow is the use of educational materials to create more awareness among users of the platform in the interest of the partners.

A Shared Mission

Speaking on the partnership, Jan Heinrich Meyer, the CEO of Dash Embassy whose company was directly involved in negotiating the Dash support stated that:

“Dash is now available to more people than ever. This partnership not only puts Dash and IQ CashNow closer to their shared mission of driving global adoption of cryptocurrency, it also makes transactions faster and cheaper for merchants across key countries and regions already seeing tremendous crypto growth.”

With the new collaboration, merchants spread through countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, United States and Ecuador can now have dash payments processed at their PoS using IQ CashNow.

A Perfect Fit

The company’s CEO, Gerald Wirtl stated that the company which has integrated with some 250 ATM is excited to have Dash support on board, mainly due to ease of payment confirmation, security and low fees.

“Dash was an attractive addition for IQ CashNow because it’s capable of settling transactions instantly. Low fees, transaction speed, and security are all core elements to our customers and towards driving broader adoption of cryptocurrency, and we feel Dash is a perfect fit.”

A number of exchanges have recently added Dash to their listing with the Bitcoin Cash platform, Bitcoin.com exchange being among the latest. Dash ChainLock has enhanced security that elicits confidence from users and partners.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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