Dash News: Bitcoin.com Exchange Supports Dash-BCH Pair

Dash news:

The popular website Bitcoin.com recently announced that it has launched its own exchange and one of the coins supported by the new platform is Dash. The announcement follows months of planning by the site which is consumer focused with the aim of promoting Bitcoin Cash.

There are several other prominent coins that are paired with Bitcoin Cash which is the base cryptocurrency on the exchange. The Dash support has been received with excitement by the community, being one of the many events that have ramped up support for Dash in the past months.

More Dash Support

The development would undoubtedly open up new opportunities for traders using the platform to acquire Dash which is considered the top masternode coin in the crypto ecosystem.

Other exchanges which have recently added Dash integration include Cubobit, which is based in Mexico. Others are the Hong Kong based BitOffer and SwapSpace. BitNovo, another exchange that has Dash integration has recently consolidated on its Portuguese market is a well-orchestrated expansion program.

Dash for Naira

CoinCola is one exchange that has enabled users to acquire Dash with Nigerian naira and the prospects are looking great, while Uphold has worked on integration with the Dash iOS wallet enabling instant purchase of the digital asset via its android support.

The launch of the Bitcoin.com exchange to its other promotional drives for Bitcoin Cash seems to be geared towards chipping away at Bitcoin dominance. BTC has continued to hold sway in the industry as the prominent cryptocurrency. Presently, the premier digital asset accounts for 70 percent of the market capitalization. Most exchanges also consider it the base coin in trades, a trend which the Bitcoin.com Exchange may try to minify.

Challenging BTC

Bitcoin is known to be the main asset that exchanges trade with fiat, making it the entry point cryptocurrency for most new entrants into the industry. The result has been seen in high liquidity and trust which is second to none in the industry.

Even though Bitcoin.com started off pro-Bitcoin, it veered off towards Bitcoin Cash support. Hopefully, with the recent Dash support, it would create a synergy that helps in adoption for both coins.

Author: Chris Mharc

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