David Holt Describes What Metaverse Really Means

Popular cryptocurrency trader and thought leader, David Holt, has taken to his Twitter handle to explain what he thinks about Metaverse, as well as his fears about the buzzing concept in the crypto and Internet space.

According to him, metaverse is designed around the notion of turning participants into marketable products, especially in the gaming niche. He also commented that this foreign concept has been in the human sphere of influence for ages. But it seems to be the buzzing word in the technology and cryptocurrency industry.

Other spheres of human endeavours where metaverse is making headway are in social media, VR, connectivity apps, and NTFs.

[bctt tweet=”you guys do realize that “the metaverse” is literally built around the idea of turning individuals into products right? from social media to NFTs to “connectivity apps”, VR and video games I mean, if you guys are excited about that, I’ll farm you for profit but lol” username=”David Holt”]

He further explained that people are excited about the concept either because they are ” fucking stupid” or they are excited because they can make money off the “stupid” people who buy into the concept. Either way, he noted that crypto does not remedy the situation, instead hastens its “commoditization”.

He registered his displeasure at the entire concept including the investors promoting it because it will most likely result in mass exploitation. This is because participants in the metaverse will hand over oversight of their observed reality to algorithms, companies, individuals, and DAOs who have proven to be distrustful in the past.

[bctt tweet=”I can’t quite express how much I hate the entire concept and the people promoting it you can’t tell me with a straight face that handing over control of our observed reality to companies, DAOs, individuals or algorithms can possibly result in anything but mass exploitation” username=”David Holt”]

Author: Miriam