ICO Review for Dibbs: Should You Invest in This Project?

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This ICO review is for Dibbs. You may be wondering if you should invest in their token. If so then read this review before you do.

Initial Coin Offering has become a popular way of raising startup funds in recent times. Many teams doing good work have been assisted through it. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people also who are exploiting the goodwill of the digital coin revolution to scam people.

What is the Dibbs?

According to the ICO website, Dibbs is a setup that was established to help in promoting the most promising blockchain projects. The organizers said that the company behind the project, Dibbs LLC was registered by one Ben Olsen in 2017 for this purpose.

For this reason, they’ll be investing Dibbs LLC resources in this noble objective of helping other startups overcome their challenges. However, the company has other long-term plans which includes using blockchain technology to support and build innovative ventures in the field of transparent elections, fair-play gambling, anonymous credit reporting and many more.

Now to accomplish these projects, Dibbs offers the public the Dibbs Token. This is a security token that will easily replace traditional investments and easy to buy and sell.

Dibbs is also planning to build a platform on which other new startups can build their projects. This way they would be helping these new companies. Not just that. Investors in the Dibbs token benefit by sharing in Dibbs profit from all these assistance they give other startups.

What is the State of the Project At the Moment?

Dibbs ICO

At the time of filing this review, the Dibbs ICO is conducting their private sale which will end in 46 days according to the countdown timer on the ICO site. The website said that they have received 12.5 BTC out of expected 25 BTC.

Pros And Cons


The Dibbs ICO has a beautiful site that has been painstakingly prepared to make it attractive and engaging. This is one of the things ICOs have learnt to do: create nice engaging sites that investors will like. That seems to be one positive thing about the project.


There are a lot of shady things about Dibbs ICO. For instance, there is nothing peculiar, unique or new that the company has set out to do that has not been done even better by others. The problems they set out to solve cannot be said to be defined by the website.

At best, what they presented was generic and nothing specific or concrete. That though is not the main issue with the Dibbs ICO. The main warning sign that should make investors watch out is the team.

Who Are the People Behind It?

Dibbs ICO

As at the time of writing this review, there were no team members displayed on the ICO site. Now this is weird. This means that investors do note even know who they are giving their money. Why would a company asking people to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with them not show the people behind the project?

The reason is simple. Initially, the Dibbs ICO had a team photo displayed on its site, but the team was not genuine. What the organizers had done was curate stock photos from the internet and copied profiles from real people and used as their team.  

A reverse search of the team shows that the images were those of individuals oblivious of the fact they their pictures were used on an ICO site. This is clearly shady and an indication that the ICO was put up by scammers.

dibbs ICO


ICOs cannot be proven to be genuine by whatever project or proposition presented by the team. In the best of times when everything is done with good intention, something may still go wrong and investors lose money. However, when the team behind a project is fraudulent, investors are sure to lose money.


Dibbs ICO

Dibbs is a sure scam as you can see from its ICO review. Investing money with them is like throwing your cryptocurrencies down the drain. Buyer beware!

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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