DiceNode: Another Scam Crypto Project

If you’ve come across DiceNode and you’re considering investing in the project, it is better you take note of this post.

It is astounding how much effort some fraudsters put in to deceive and steal other people’s money. With the price of BTC soaring again and the attendant impact on the coin market, we will likely see the number of scam projects increase as witnessed in 2018.

What is DiceNode?

It claims to be a p2p coin that gives the user special features such as speed and security. Features which are nothing new in the coin community. It further claims that it is employing a special mechanism to make sure that the value of the coin doesn’t drop in the future. The team stated on the website that DNO would be difficult to obtain in the future.

Our conclusion after looking at this project is that this is another attempt to decive people and steal the deposits of those who invest in this project. DiceNode is an exit scam in the making as seen from these.

Every Coin’s Price Falls

Not even BTC which is the premier cryptocurrency has been able to have a steady appreciation in price. DNO has no real utility as a payment system that would assure that its value would keep going up over time.

A Fake Team

An experienced community participant would know that this is a scam, but you need evidence to convince people who have less experience in the industry. A reverse engineering of the team’s images shows that they are fake.

There is no member of the project with a genuine LinkedIn profile. They intentionally made it difficult to check the authenticity of the profile. However, with RIS, you would see that the profiles are fake with the images taking from stock photo sites.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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