Double Gain Co – Is This A Genuine Investment Company?

Double Gain Co

If you came across this site, Double Gain Co and believe that you have the perfect site through which to make profit, I suggest that you spend a few minutes and read through this post before making you investment decision.

There are millions of sites that promise users that they would help them make money just by investing. However, many of them are just channels through which the unsuspecting and the uninformed lose their funds.

Fraudsters make effort to convince you that you have a good investment but at the end of the day, you would likely incur losses if you send your funds. This is why you must always conduct appropriate research before parting with your funds.

What is Double Gain Company?

Double Gain CoThe site stated that this company is involved in the trading of bitcoin and other digital currencies making profit through its involvement in the volatile market. It claimed that its fund managers and traders are experienced experts in the field and encourages the investors to participate in the company’s investment plans.

Although the company did not show any evidence of its earnings, it seems to lay emphasis on the prospect of making profit by the investor.

Is this A Reliable Investment?

The first thing you should consider before making an investment is your understanding of what the investment proposition is. Do you have enough information to make informed decision?

According to the SEC,

“Fraudsters rely on the sad truth that many people simply don’t bother to investigate before they invest. It’s not enough to ask a promoter for more information or for references – fraudsters have no incentive to set you straight. Savvy investors take the time to do their own independent research.”

With the information available on this site, it is obvious that it is not enough to elicit confidence that should make an investor use this company as managers for funds.

Plagiarized Content

Some portions of the Rules page were culled from other sources. One of the ways to know businesses that never had original ideas is that they mostly use content from other sources without attribution.

This is a sign that you are dealing with people who do not play by the rules or actually have no rules they adhere to in the course of their business.

Why would you trust a site that is run by lawbreakers to manage your funds? In business, everything matters and the fact that people who cut corners are behind a site should be a red sign that dealing with them would lead to losing your funds.

Who is the Owner of the Site?

Double Gain CoYou would expect the investor to check the identity of the owner of a site before sending funds to such sites, but the reality is that there are many investors that are too carefree to do that. This has resulted in losses.

Fraud sites do not reveal the true identity of their owners. This is the reason why many of these sites are having a field day: people actually send money to strangers across the web.

Double Gain Co is a typical example of a site that strives to convince people that they could make gains by sending funds to strangers. There is no where the identity of the owner was displayed.

A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on July 3, 2019 by Namecheap. However, the identity of the owners was concealed with an anonymity service.

Impossible ROI

Of all the features with which scams are identified, the percentage of promised returns is one of the most consistent. This is because fraudsters most times depend on the desire of people to make quick wealth with little effort to lure them into buying their investment plans.

Double Gain Co is a high yield investment program. HYIP are scams because there are unsustainable. The promoters are aware of this, so they intentionally lure people in to get their money.

Participation in them is immoral since it makes no sense to expect that someone would triple your investment in a short time.

Double Gain CoThe scheme has four plans that promise returns ranging from 130 percent to 300 percent. In other words, if you make a deposit of $1000, you would gain $2000 in just 3 days according to the VIP plan. If that’s how people make money, no one would be poor.

This is why you should beware of greed. The only people that make money in schemes like this are the fraudsters who own the site.

Using A Virtual Office

Double Gain CoThe claim that the company has a physical address is suspicious. According to the site,

“ is located in London – UK, 70 Shelton Street, WC2H 9HE. Registered Company No. 11291887.”

A check on that address shows that it is a virtual office used by 16 other companies. Virtual offices are used by companies that have no physical presence in the location but use such as contact address by paying the real owners some fee.

This means that if something goes wrong with your investment, there’s slight possibility that you would recover your funds. Moreover, hunting for people half-way round the globe over your lost funds would cost you far more than you lost.

False Company Credential

The site claimed that the company is registered in the UK with a registration number, 11291887. But a check with the Company House, the UK agency in charge of registration of businesses shows that the number belongs to another company, Bitcoin Investment CC LTD.

This shows that you are dealing with an obvious scam with this site. It is obvious that fraudsters are daring in their claims because they’re aware that many investors do not crosscheck them.

Double Gain Co


The best way to secure your assets is by keeping away from fraudulent investment schemes. There are many scammers out there seeking ways to steal your funds so you should be real circumspect in safeguarding your assets.

The best investment sites are those sites that are regulated. Our top recommendation would show you how to grow your assets without compromising the safety of your funds. You may check it up and learn how to copy experts and make gains.

If you have opinions about this site, please use the comment box below to share it. You could also help us review more scams by informing us of new ones through the contact page above.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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