Doublewithme – Are Bitcoin Doublers Worth Your Time?

It is always disconcerting seeing that there are still bitcoin doublers around despite the fact that many people have heard about Bitcoin and have been using cryptocurrencies for years.

It is unfortunate that there are many people out there who do not know anything about Bitcoin and are eager to earn it. These are the ones that scams such as Doublewithme target.

Doublewithme is a bitcoin doubler that entices users with the promise of quick wealth through Bitcoin. Like many frauds in the industry, they make people believe that bitcoin is generated easily through some simple investments on their sites.

“Double your bitcoins in 100 hours for free”

This is the laughable title of the site that claims that the user would have double the volume of bitcoins they sent to the doubler.

Doublewithme claims that it is a

“company incorporated in Marshall Islands offering the authentic, safe and reliable dApp based on Smart Contracts technology.” It added that its affiliates would earn 10 percent.

Why Would Anyone Double Your Money?

Most people that have experience with investing would know that there is something amiss when someone tells you that they would double your money. Why would they do that? Unfortunately, there are many others that do not know the difference between scams and real investments.

One question you have to ask yourself before sending your bitcoins to a stranger behind a site is, “why would they send it back with profit?”. You should understand that a fraudster or any random person behind a site is not under any obligation to keep to their promises. Business, especially when conducted online is a matter of trust and this is one virtue most people lack.

If you can’t even be sure that a friend who borrowed some money from you with the promise to return it tomorrow will do so, what makes you think that a stranger behind a site asking you to send them your bitcoins would double it?

Transaction TXID is Easily Obtainable

The site claims that it is doubling bitcoins for people and actually posts transaction ids to buttress this. But what everyone who wants to use Bitcoin should know is that Bitcoin transactions are not doe in secret. Transaction ids can be culled from the network and posted on any website.

So the claim by the owners of the Doublewithme website that:

 “We provide transparent and automatic transactions table in real time. We are focused on maintaining a high performance service, excellent quality with total security, transparency and satisfaction for our customers and partners. You can use an access token to retrieve the full informations [sic] of a deposit. An access token is provided for each new token form submitted.”

Why Isn’t Fraudster Doubling Theirs?

It is an error to suppose that your bitcoin can be doubled with any script or by any site. Bitcoin network is unhackable. This is one fact that fraudsters behind sites like Doublewithme wouldn’t want you to know.

When you send your fund to a bitcoin doubler or a generator or any other dubious scheme, you have just lost your bitcoins. They do not steal bitcoin from the network. The fraudsters are just interested in your funds.

Remember that if it is possible to double bitcoin, the fraudster would probably be busy doubling theirs. But that they’re eager to have you send yours is an indication that it is not possible to double or generate bitcoins randomly.

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak points of others such as ignorance to exploit them. In describing the business, the Doublewithme site claimed:

“DoubleWithMe was founded with a focus on trust, security and reliability, our goal has always been to create a safe and accessible place to earn bitcoins.”

As you already have known, thieves and fraudsters cannot be trusted, your funds are not secure with them and they cannot be relied upon. You should avoid any site that gives you the impression that they’ll help you make quick money online.

Bitcoin is money and to make money, you should work for it or invest with a genuine investment site that would help you grow your funds instead of scams that would steal them.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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