Doubly – A Complex Solution Promising You Wealth is a site that claims that it is using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its earning potentials and that of its investors.

Insomuch that we are aware that there are programs that take advantage of machine learning to create reliable signals, we decided to check on this project to understand its claim in a bid to make sure that this site is safe for you to invest in.

This has become necessary considering that most cryptocurrency investment sites are nothing more than attempts to defraud the users of their funds. So if you came across this site and seriously wanted to send some funds to it, it is necessary that you read though our findings before doing that. in A Nutshell

Doubly claims to be a successful AI utilizing cryptocurrency trading company. It also said that it using complex programs to achieve results using leading techniques to make a lot of money.

Even though there is no evidence to show that this site is actually involved in any trading activities, it claims that it successfully executes hundreds of trades every day.

Where is Lacated?

The company claims that its operations are based in the United Kingdom stating that this statement is verifiable. Now that raised some questions considering that many dubious companies are actually producing registration certificates originating from that country. A look around the site did show a physical address, but do not be carried away yet.

Who Are Behind

DoublyThe site listed three principal players of the company. These are Richard Greene, the CEO, Kenneth Greene, the CFO and George Connor ,the CTO.  However, a background check of these company officials did not turn up anything. This is a clear red flag and shows that these are faked identities used on the website.

Now, why would you have three company officials and none of them has a social profile anywhere? The company itself was not listed anywhere yet they are expecting that investors would trust them and send funds to them.

All The Signals Are Red

The first thing a visitor to this site notices is a countdown pop-up asking them to invest and get a bonus that expires in a short time. This is a technique used by scam sites to create a sense of urgency so that the visitor doesn’t take time to check things up before making investment decisions.

Confirmation Statement Overdue

DoublyThe company was registered as Doubly Limited on March 26, 2018 and was supposed to have submitted its confirmation statement by April 8, 2019 but clearly has not done that. This is an indication that this is not a serious company but a front set up to attract investment deposits.

If Doubly LTD is so profitable, they should have submitted all the documents required by the Company House, UK. That they wouldn’t shows that this is not a business that you should trust.

A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on March 24, 2018, so it has been in business s for about a year.

Why Doubly?

That is a suspicious name for a cryptocurrency investment site to bear. The notoriety of bitcoin doublers is not in doubt and it is possible that the owner of this site wants to create the impression that this is where your money could be doubled.

In any case, such sites that claim they could pay high profits on investments are mostly scams. No genuine business opens its doors and promises all investors that they will earn unrealistic returns on their investments.

Can They Really Double?

DoublyThere are four plans, Standard, Exclusive, VIP and VIP Plus. The Doubly investment plans show that this is another scam that wants to lure the investors with outrageous profits of up to 5.5% daily. This is 165% monthly. More than doubly you’d say…

Nevertheless, you could be sure that sending your funds to this site would result in losses since such investments are unreliable, unrealistic and unsustainable.

They’re meant for the greedy that lack circumspection. This is why you should never send your money to any site just because the profit is high. You may never get it back.

Fake Transaction IDs and Testimonies

You should understand that scam sites would do anything to convince users that their investments are safe. Transaction IDs are easily gotten from blockchain explorers and  posted on the site to make you believe people are investing and getting paid.


The reality of such sites is that if they have systems that could make all that money, they would not be eager to take more funds from retail investors.

What backup plans do you have for sending funds to random sites? This is one question you should ask and learn to avoid shady investment sites.


Genuine sites generally are not random people soliciting for funds. They are always registered and REGULATED by appropriate authorities that make sure that funds sent by investors are not misappropriated. This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we implore investors to avoid random sites that make claims of huge profit potentials.

For the site that we recommend because it is regulated and shows you easy ways to grow your investment, check here.

If you’ve had experience with, do not hesitate to share them in the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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