DragonEx Suspends INB Deposits & Withdrawals

 DragonEx, the Singapore-based exchanged announced today that it has suspended the deposits and withdrawals of Insight Chain (INB). The release stated that this is as a result of the ongoing upgrade of the platform’s mainnet. The measure was applied for the safety of the users of the exchange.

The statement added that this was necessary pending when the upgrade was completed and that users would be communicated using the exchange’s official channels when the services for INB deposits and withdrawals resume.

INB blockchain is a platform that uses public blockchain with the objective of setting up the world’s first huge statistics database. Its emphasis is on scalability and building an efficient blockchain machine. Its emphasis is on enterprise-grade structural storage on the distributed ledger to support high currency internet applications operation on the blockchain

DragonEx which suffered losses due to a recent hack is obviously taking preemptive measures to make sure that its customers are protected during the INB mainnet upgrade. According to the exchange’s management:

“The specific time that the upgrade completes and deposits & withdrawal service resumes will be advised via announcement, please stay tuned.”


Author: Jofor Humani

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