Dualmine.com – A Cloudmining Service With Some Positive Social Signals

Dualmine.com is one of the few cloudmining services that seems legitimate that you won’t mind trying it out. This is surprising in a field dominated by scams.

We routinely look out for scams with the intention of finding what strategy they use to steal from people. That was my outlook towards this review when I came across Dualmine.com.


Interestingly, the site did not show the obvious signs so I decided to make a full review of the project. This is despite the fact that it is still possible that a company that seems legitimate may just be a smartly set up scam. We should bear this in mind while reviewing Dualmine.com.

The Pros of Dualmine

The site says that the company offers a cloudmining service for Bitcoin and Ethereum which are the two foremost coins. However, the company did not provide any visual images of its servers or any hardware.

Nevertheless, Dualmine has other features that would convince a skeptic that it may be carrying out cloudmining services. Furthermore, its reward is not as outrageous as those of the traditional scam cloudmining services which points to the possibility that this company is genuine.

How the Site Works

According to the website, investors could purchase contracts by signing up and choosing hashpower. When they have paid for the plan, mining starts immediately and the owner could make withdrawals in 24 hours.

The site states that contract owners could earn up to 15 percent monthly which a realistic income considering the mining difficulty of Bitcoin and the crypto market conditions.

Who is Behind Dualmine.com?

Dualmine.comOne of the strengths of this company is that the owner identity is displayed on the site. This gave some measure of legitimacy to the business and would obviously help build confidence among investors that they are dealing with a company that would be around for a long time – a rare occurrence among cloud mining companies.

According to the website, the founder and CEO of Dualmine.com is Lukasz Borzeszkowski. A background search showed that Borzeskowski shows that he is the Director of Cryptonit Limited that was registered with the Company House on 27 February 2018.

The Pole gave his address as 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. Cryptonit Limited registration number is 11227919.

Red Signal!

However, a search for Borzeskowski’s person social profile yielded nothing which is quite surprising. Ordinarily, a CEO who wants to identify with his project should have more social presence especially in LinkedIn or Twitter which is the norm in crypto circles.

This is a red signal for any project that demand that investors send money to them and is one of the reasons that Cryptoinfowatch does not completely recommend Dualmine.com as a safe cloudmining service.

The office address, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU is an office service address that businesses use as contact when they do not have physical offices in London or want to conceal their real locations.

Also, a reverse image search for Borzeskowski shows that whoever is behind the project doesn’t want to be publicly linked to the project making me draw a conclusion that Dualmine may be another Ponzi scam that has managed to last for a year.

Project Announcement

A crypto cloudmining service is ordinarily announced internally to the crypto community. This gives the project owners the opportunity to reach out to its primary constituency before going public. However, a Cryptoinfowatch investigation couldn’t see such an ANN thread.

This means that the crypto community had no opportunity of critiquing this project. It is not as if this is absolutely essential but it is hardly the norm.

Multiply Your Cryptocurrency Here?

This sounds like the sort of advert that a scam cloudmining service would use. As you’re aware, huge profit is the bait used by most scammers in luring investors into their schemes.

This is exactly the term used by the Dualmine.com site in announcing its project. Asking people to multiply their Bitcoin and Ethereum through cloudmining is either dishonest or fraudulent.

Also, there is ‘promotional’ on the site asking people to “order now and get 3x more”. I personally wouldn’t trust a cloudmining service that is offering that sort of bonus considering the present mining difficulty of Bitcoin.

What if the site wants to exit as scam? It’s marketing strategy leaves a lot desired as seen with statements like this:

“Our infrastructure is constantly being expanded, but now we have a limited amount of available hash power. Purchase hash power and increase your capital now before others do it!”

Another concern about Dualmine.com is that it is selling a gaming service on the site which could mean that the project is diversifying due to poor sales in its cloudmining venture.


Dualmine.com has positive reviews from users. However, user experience is not enough signals in verifying the legitimacy of a project. Dualmine is one of those projects that could last another year. However, we are giving the project a 50-50 chance

The absence of social presence for the CEO, unprofessional marketing strategy, ease with which they give away hashpower and the fact that the official address used by the company is a virtual office address point to the suspicion that this may be a Ponzi scheme that depends on affiliate referrals for income.

Despite my earlier enthusiasm that this could be a profitable cloudmining service, it is obvious that Dualmine is not as dependable as the best in the industry such as Genesis which has already sold out its hash power which is generally professional.

However, bear in mind that ROI of genuine cloudmining services is generally low, this is why I recommend a business that yields better profit. Its copy trading system would help you grow your assets without risking your funds unnecessarily.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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