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How would you like to start minting your own money for doing nothing? I mean just sitting around and money enters your wallet every single hour? That is exactly what EarnhourlyBTC is promising you, if you’ll just sign up with the platform and purchase one of its investment plans. That’s the catch, isn’t it? Purchase and earn, so what are you waiting for?

In this review, we are going to look at this investment site and what they promise their customers with the view to determine if it is probable that they would fulfill their promises. This has become necessary because thousands of sites are set up weekly promising investors that crypto wealth is at their fingertips if they make some financial commitment.

If you’re thinking of investing with this site in your quest to earn bitcoins, I advise that you read through this post to enable you understand what this business is all about and make informed decision. I repeat, read through to the end so that you do not make mistakes.

What is EarnHourlyBTC?

EarnhourlybtcEarnHourlyBTC claims to be a trading company that has developed an automated trading system or bot that ensures that they are consistently in profit. They said that their success in the cryptocurrency industry is second to none and assure their investors that they would be so impressed with the outcome of their investments that they would refer family and friends to the site.

According to statistics from the site, this company has been in operation for 25 days and has already paid out more than $76,000 to investors who number more than 8000 people. A further revelation shows that a total deposit of $401,000 has been received from 32,000 accounts. Judging from the above, one would conclude that this is a very successful company by every standard.

Some Concerns About This Site

These figures raise some concerns especially considering that this was a site that has been operational for less than one month. A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on April 3, 2019. This shows that there is really no update on the stats shown on the site so it is very probable that the information placed on it is false.

EarnhourlybtcSo what is the possibility that a new site of about 2 weeks could generate a massive traffic to the point that it has more than tens of thousands of accounts registered? The answer is nil.

The fact that an obscure site that most people know nothing about is making such claims is already a cause for concern. This makes it obvious that all the claims on the site were made to entice people to invest in it.

One thing we have always observed with crypto investment sites that are not regulated by any authorities is that they make spurious claims to attract people. These include bloating their traffic and income to give the potential investor the impression that their funds would be safe with the site since many other investors are using it.

In reality, these false claims and figures are meant to give the investor a false sense of security because when deposits are made on sites like this, the possibility of making profit or getting your funds back is non-existent.

Now, what if the site is really popular, does it make it a reliable place to invest? The answer is still no, because people could be attracted to a site like this because they have been deceived to think that they would make money. Ponzi scams for instance, can generate a lot of traffic because more members are lured in by older ones because that is how the site makes money.

Who is Behind the Site?

The entity behind the site is Earn Hourly BTC LTD that was registered in the UK. It is important to know that the fact a company was registered does not entitle them to render financial services. There is no evidence that this company has such authorization.

Aside the certificate displayed on the site, there is no other indication showing the individuals who own it. Many reputable crypto projects such as ICOs generally display the names and social profiles of the team behind the project.

The essence of this is to let investors know that they are dealing with real people and not some anonymous individuals behind the web. We can confidently posit that the persons behind this site don’t want to be associated with it because they’re aware that things wouldn’t end well for the investors.

Fake Testimonials

How many times do you come across testimonies in which people randomly provide their identities and even addresses just to prove that a service is reliable? This seems to be what this site has claimed.

EarnhourlybtcA close look at the testimonies show that the writers claim that there are no risks associated with making investments on this site. Every investor knows that even reputable sites place disclaimers to let you know of the risks associated with financial investments, but obviously, EarnHourlyBTC is very eager to get investors to make deposits so they wouldn’t reveal the risks.

EarnHourlyBTC Investment Plans

The quickest way to spot a scam crypto investment site is the ROI it offers to the investors. This is a certain way to know because scam sites like this depend on the desire people have for quick profit. The more money, no work outlook is what most scams thrive on. The scammers know this and always take advantage of it.

EarbHourlyBTC offers four investment plans with the Basic plan enticing investors with a 600% profit in just an hour. The impression that the site creates is that Bitcoin is free money. They obviously hope to lure in many uninformed investors with this unrealizable claim.

EarnhourlybtcOther plans are even higher, with the Advanced plan offering 6000% in 3 hours. There is no gainsaying that this is gibberish. No site can make that payment even if it belongs to Bitmain, the largest Bitcoin mining company.


It is not debatable that this is a scam, an active one at that. There are many people who are eager for quick profit who would fall for this trap but they surely would regret putting their fund in this scheme.

Bear in mind that scams like this may pay a few early investors who made small deposits with the intention of enticing them to make bigger investments.

Someone just complained that they lost thousands of dollars in a similar scheme. The reason is that people believe what these sites claim with appropriate due diligence.

There are better investment sites for Crypto where your funds would be safe if you have an idea of trading. There are others that would simply show you how to copy experienced investors and make commensurate profit.

So why should you lose your funds to a scam just because they give you impression that there is free money to be made. For our top recommendation for investment, check here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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