El Salvador Trains High School Students in Bitcoin Diploma Pilot Program

Bitcoin Training

MyFirstBitcoin, in El Salvador, will award Bitcoin diploma program to participants of its Bitcoin financial training. This is according to its report on its site, MiPrimerBitcoin.

The entity says it has incorporated the program in the country’s high schools to enable 16-17 year olds to have working knowledge of Bitcoin as well as being able to set up Lightning Network nodes.

The program brochure states:

“We are excited to announce El Salvador’s First Bitcoin Diploma program in the public school system.”

The 10-weeks course awarded diplomas to 38 students who partook in the pilot program. The vision of the project is to replicate the training all over the country. It states that the concept is to build a Bitcoin curriculum that is easy to copy and accessible nationwide.

The program is expected to spread all over the country by 2023. The conveners hope that it can also be copied by other countries.

It says:

“Classes began on April 23rd. Two hundred students, mostly 16- and 17-years old, will take this 10-week course before graduating high school this year.”

The media says that the initial funding expected for the program is 1.5 bitcoins, adding that future costs will be lower. The funding will enable the organizers to build classrooms and provide instruction materials.

It stated that the first phase required 0.1 BTC and was made possible through a donation from IBEXmercado.

Key To Bitcoin Success in El Salvador

According to a Reddit report on the program, the government of El Salvador is of the opinion that education is a paramount components that would make the Bitcoin revolution in the country a success.

“ We believe this is a significant step towards that goal. If we can give quality education about Bitcoin and financial literacy to every teenager in the country, who will naturally spread that knowledge in their own homes, we believe we will change the country and set a lot of positive precedents in the first Bitcoin-nation.”

Zero Advanced Knowledge Training

MyFirstBitcoin states that:

“Classes at MyFirstBitcoin require zero advanced knowledge and will be based around using the technology and personally connecting students to what it can do. The core idea is to make it as easy as possible for students to take their first step.”

It highlighted that its focus is on El Salvador, which has made Bitcoin a legal tender since September 7, 2021, but added that its mission is a global one. Its US classes started on September 30. For El Salvador, it started on September 24.


Author: Jofor Humani

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