EnjinStarter and Boba Network partner to for innovation at 6th Scale Event


At the 6th Scale Event, EnjinStarter and Boba Network recently declared a revolutionary alliance. This collaboration between the decentralized crowdfunding platform and the innovative blockchain infrastructure provider is set to reshape the crowdfunding landscape.

Objectives of the Partnership

The partnership aims to revolutionize crowdfunding by leveraging blockchain technology to enhance accessibility, transparency, and security. By combining their expertise, EnjinStarter, and Boba Network intend to empower creators and entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to bring their ideas to life.

Utilization of NFTs in Crowdfunding

A key highlight of this collaboration is the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into crowdfunding campaigns. NFTs, representing unique digital assets, will enable project backers to receive exclusive rewards and benefits, fostering a stronger connection between creators and their supporters.

The partnership between EnjinStarter and Boba Network was officially unveiled at the prestigious 6th Scale Event. This event served as the perfect platform to showcase the potential of the collaboration, capturing the attention of industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.

Panelists and Expert Moderation

The “Building Sustainable Metaverse” panel discussion stole the spotlight at the event, showcasing an impressive lineup of industry experts. Olivier Crespin, the GP of True Global Ventures; Alex Firsov, the trailblazing Chief Web3 Officer at Sensorium; Charlie Hu, the brilliant managing partner of Lucidblue Ventures; Samuel Huber, the visionary CEO of LandVault; and Prakash Somosundaram, the visionary CEO of EnjinStarter, graced the stage. Together, they ignited a captivating conversation that explored the fascinating intersection of gaming, blockchain, and virtual environments within a sustainable and inclusive metaverse. Emre Bilgutay, the mastermind behind Crypto Executives and Dao Fund, artfully guided the discussion as the panel’s expert moderator, enthralling the audience.

However, this network is committed to promoting sustainability within the blockchain space. They recognize the environmental concerns associated with blockchain technology and are dedicated to supporting sustainable practices.

Potential for Revolutionizing Crowdfunding

The groundbreaking partnership between EnjinStarter and Boba Network has the potential to revolutionize crowdfunding. The integration of EnjinStarter’s platform with Boba Network’s infrastructure paves the way for a new era of decentralized crowdfunding, offering exciting possibilities for creators and backers.

Commitment to Innovation, Transparency, and Sustainability 

EnjinStarter and Boba Network are committed to innovation, transparency, and sustainability. They aim to drive significant positive change within the blockchain ecosystem by combining their strengths.

As the collaboration progresses, the industry eagerly anticipates unveiling new projects and crowdfunding campaigns that will harness the power of blockchain technology. With EnjinStarter’s platform and Boba Network’s infrastructure, creators and backers can expect a seamless and efficient fundraising experience.

Collaboration between EnjinStarter and Boba Network

The partnership between EnjinStarter and Boba Network signifies a significant milestone for both platforms. By joining forces, they aim to bring innovation and growth within the blockchain industry, reshaping the crowdfunding landscape.
The collaboration between EnjinStarter and Boba Network highlights the power of blockchain technology in revolutionizing traditional industries. By leveraging blockchain capabilities, they aim to empower creators, enhance transparency, and provide secure crowdfunding experiences.

Author: Grace