eProfitHub – Instant Crypto Income Paid To You?


eProfitHub is one of those sites that promise potential investors that they would earn money by making some investments. As you are aware, cryptocurrency is money and money is not easily picked on the ground.

If you’re searching for a genuine investment that could make you profit, it is possible that you would come across crypto-related investment offers.

As a new technology that many people are not conversant with, there is a high possibility that many could be deceived and lured into putting their funds in all sorts of investments that may not be profitable.

This is why it is important to conduct due diligence on a site before making investment with it, bearing in mind that many are just out there to deceive and defraud investors.

What is eprofitHub?

eProfitHubFrom the introductory section of the site, it could be seen that:

“eProfithub.io is your no nonsense, simple, yet powerful automated income opportunity! Get instant income paid to your crypto wallet every 60 minutes using our revolutionary profit hub system”

Interesting right? But there is a need to understand where all that money is coming from and that is what we set out to do. After all, it makes no sense to tell people that they would make so much money from your company without telling them exactly how.

The fundamental issue that an investor needs to know about the investment is its ability to generate profit. Now it is easy for anyone to claim that their business is making profit but unless you’re an insider who has access to the books, you wouldn’t know if they’re telling the truth or lying.

What Does eprofitHub Do?

One way that such businesses can convince a savvy investor aside showing their books is by explaining its line of business – what it does to make money. This way, an impassionate assessment could be made to determine the veracity of the claims.

We searched the eProfitHub site to understand what the site owner is up to in terms of business operation. Here is the clue from the site:


“eProfitHub.io is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of experience in building highly profitable website portals or “hubs” that generate income for a lifetime after they’ve been setup.”

Now that is vague. It makes absolutely no sense to believe that hubs or whatever it is they claim to build would automatically make income that is capable of giving every investor a lifetime income. This should be a red signal for the discerning, especially considering that the site did not provide evidence of the so-called hubs.

The site continues:

“Each of these hub’s that we create, can produce a lifetime of income for our company which we then pay back to you in the form of interest. This “interest” is paid to you every hour of the day directly from our network of hub’s!

It really is that simple. You simply make a deposit with us, we take that deposit, invest it in new hubs & advertising to increase the existing hubs on our networks profit.

The eProfitHub.io Opportunity Was Officially Opened To The Public On 2/4/2020”

Really? A critical look at the statements made on the site shows that there is absolutely no evidence that it has the capacity to generate income. Nevertheless, we searched the site to understand its claims better, especially with respect to the so-called hubs. Here is what we found from explanations on the site:

“Profit Hub’s are web destinations where users can find branded, curated, social media, user generated, or just about any type of content related to a specific topic.

The hub differs from a regular website by being hyper focused on the particular topic which makes it more of an authority on a topic.The best hub’s are essentially tiny websites that are published to help users find the information they seek in the form that they prefer.”

All profits generated by the hub network are converted to cryptocurrency automatically for an additional profit.”

From the foregoing, any experienced investor would tell you that such business activity even if they have need for funds do not have the capacity to make you or any other investor overnight wealth. This is contrary to the claims made on the eProfitHub website.

Fraudulent Income Potential

eProfitHubFrom the income calculator on the site, the investor could earm up to 80 percent of their investment in just 30 days. As you may be aware, this is impossible even with the best of businesses. We can only conclude that eProfitHub is just another scam that is meant to get funds from investors by luring them with big profits.


One thing you need to understand from sites like this is that they’re just interested in getting your money. You get nothing in return, so it is safer to avoid them completely.

For a genuine investment site, check our top recommendation and take advantage of the social investment system and grow your assets.







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