Ethereum Classic Delays Activation of Atlantis Update

Ethereum Classic

The developers of Ethereum Classic announced the reprogramming of the bifurcation Atlantis on June 20. The update scheduled to be carried out at the height of the 8,772,000 block, possibly starting on September 17.

Two weeks ago, the Ethereum Classic developers announced that the changes of Atlantis will be made in the first days of July, but there has been a review due to some internal disagreements. This means that the update would take place mid September.

Network Security Software

Atlantis has entered the test phase. According to the release, Ethereum Classic team will continue working on the development of software for the blockchain that will preserve the security of the network. Ethereum Classic is infamous for its refusal to pay back the losses incurred by investors after the DAO attack.

These days, the project is working on making the blockchain closer to what is obtainable on the Ethereum blockchain to keep it competitive. ETC is still one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization, making it one of the popular digital currencies.

Issues Around Code Size

The community has been discussing whether a fixed limit should be established on the code size of the Ethereum Classic smart contracts, a change that would make the blockchain incompatible with previous versions.

It was also proposed that the developers should make updates that follow the same pattern. This controversy could be one of the causes of the delay of the release of Atlantis.

Scalability Through Atlantis Update

The new bifurcation seeks to increase the stability and security of the network.

It is also expected to increase the compatibility of Ethereum Classic with Ethereum, allowing the migration of applications (dApps) from one network to another.

Etheteum Classic is one of the cryptocurrencies that has a loyal user base and it is not surprising that the blockchain team have yielded to the opinions of its community.

Ethereum Classic is no 19 on the crypto ranking. The coin is valued at $8.6 per piece and gained one percent in the last 24 hours if trading.

Author: Olowoporoku Adeniyi

cryptocurrency evangelist with five years experience in the blockchain industry

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