Expasset –Technological Innovation As Magic Button


Many sites claim that you could make money because there is a new innovative technology that seems to bring solution to every need. Experts in the field of blockchain have stated that it doesn’t find application in every field despite the hype around it. This hype is what websites such as Expasset leverage on to convince people to invest with the company.

Isn’t it amazing that everyone seems to claim that they are experts in trade and investment just because we all have access to the internet and can set up websites at warp speed?

What is obvious is that the thriving scam investment industry’s heartbeat is people’s desire for no work profit. Commonsense tells all of us that if the experts are that good, they wouldn’t need your money for their businesses to thrive.

Every legitimate company knows the right processes involved in setting up investment sites. When they fail to adhere to regulations, the only reason any investors sign up with them is the same old greed.

This brings us to our review of Expasset. If you’re thinking of sending your funds to this company, you would do well to read through this post to know if it is such a great idea to do that.

What is Expasset?

expassetThis is a company that claims that it is leveraging technological innovations to make money. It also asserts that that it is made up of experts that are aware of the role of cryptocurrencies as a world changer adding that they are experienced in the financial markets. The site maintains that the company builds innovative solutions.

However, a deeper examination of the site doesn’t show any evidence that the people behind it are building anything except receptacles for funneling investor funds to their wallet.

One fact about dodgy projects is that they almost always demonstrate a disconnection with reality in their web copy that close scrutiny would reveal. Even when the investor misses the not so obvious, they would have that uncomfortable feeling that something is not quite right about the project but as usual, when dealing with shady projects, greed is king.

According to the Expasset website,

“The members of our team collaborate with individuals experienced in the optimization of crypto-currency acquisition processes. That is why we do our best to build on innovative solutions.”

Is there really such a strong connection between crypto-currency acquisition processes and building innovative solutions or was the company trying to fill up their web page?

Company Registration

The company was registered in Nevis as shown by this statement:

“The company is registered in the Nevis, as Silesia Capital Management Ltd, PO 590, Suite 9, Henville Building, Charlestown, Nevis, No. C 50063.”

There are jurisdictions where there are no stringent regulatory rules. Companies that prefer such localities are usually those that are aware that they would not meet standard regulatory oversight. It may surprise you to know that the company wrote in tiny print about its authorization to operate as a financial investment firm:

“The Company is not registered as an investment advisor or brokerage firm. The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. EXP ASSET recommends you seek advice from an independent financial advisor.”

From the foregoing, it is clear that the company wants to run away from liability. This is the primary reason why it registered its services in a jurisdiction that is barely known for serious regulatory oversight.

A Wikipedia article explained why Nevis is a destination of choice for shady companies.

“The introduction of secrecy legislation has made offshore financial services a rapidly growing economic sector in Nevis. Incorporation of companies, international insurance and reinsurance, as well as several international banks, trust companies, asset management firms, have created a boost in the economy.”

Investment Plans

Expasset has six investment plans starting from $25. Others are $75, $125, $250, $500 and $1000. Investors willing to invest more than $1000 could contact the company. One interesting feature is that the plans are lifetime.


Who is Behind Expasset?

Even though the site did not mention the owners, one could infer from this statement:

“Every Wednesday there are hourly internet trainings with Exp Asset traders, including Patryk Krupinski, Daniel Fehring and Agata Janik”

that these are some of the owners of the business.

We assumed that Patryk Krupinski is the founder CEO. A background check shows that he is connected to an obvious Ponzi scam called Expert Mining. This fellow is obviously a serial ponzi expert. It is common knowledge that people who make a living off Ponzi scams jump from one scheme to another when the previous one fails.


This would be the likely scenario for Expassat because the project is designed to be unsustainable and will likely crumble when the inflow of new participants cease despite the claims of trading and investment.

Patryk Krupinski’s LinkedIn profile claims that his stint with Expasset ended in 2018. But we have seen such tricks before when founders of scam business publicly disengage but still continue running things from behind the scene.


Remember that the reason many fall for scams is that they are eager to make profit without work. This is why every crypto enthusiast is advised to avoid HYIPs. They offer much but deliver little nothing. Even if Expasset pays you for a few weeks or months, it’ll still fail down the line when many have hoped on it and made deposits.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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